Turn Your Truck Into a Cozy Getaway With a Truck Bed Mattress

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Who says camping is limited to tents and cabins? Have an exciting night outdoors with a truck bed mattress. It's the perfect way to utilize all of that space in your truck bed and create a budget-friendly camping experience for a few people. Using an air mattress made for trucks is convenient because they fold down and are easy to store when they're not in use, and they also have space for wheel wells unlike traditional air mattresses, so the fit is perfect. Place the camping mattress in your pickup truck bed to create a budget-friendly camping experience for the family in the mountains or the woods. Or grab your outdoor projector, favorite snacks, and drinks for a drive-in experience right in your driveway. Truck bed camping has become pretty popular if an RV is out of your budget — but it's also great for shorter, one-night fishing or hunting trips where you might not want to spring for a hotel. However you use it, these truck bed mattresses are sure to keep you comfortable. Our top picks are below:

Best Truck Bed Air Mattresses

1. Our Top Pick for a Full-Size Truck Bed

Pittman Outdoors AirBedz Lite - Amazon, $159.99

Every truck camper can't stop raving about the Pittman Outdoors Mattress. You can choose from a longer or a shorter size, and we think it's one of the best inflatable beds for trucks online. It's made from high-grade PVC material, so you won't have to worry about it deflating or getting punctured. It has cut-outs around the wheel wells so you can utilize the whole of your space, and it comes with a portable pump and a patch kit. It's made out of 12-inch thick material so it's actually a comfortable, sturdy mattress that evenly distributes weight when you're sleeping. Reviewers really love this one — many write they wish they found this mattress a lot sooner.

2. Our Top Pick For a Mid-Size Truck Bed

Pittman Outdoors AirBedz Original Truck Bed Air Mattress - Amazon, 249.99

Keep in mind that these mattresses come in different sizes for different truck bed sizes — this one is for a mid-sized option, but has many of the same qualities that made us love the AirBedz brand to begin with. Additionally, this one is unique because it has a rechargeable battery in addition to the truck, as well as valve covers to easily allow air out for the perfect firmness. The brand also sells affordable side inserts to convert this into a regular air mattress. Don't have a truck? AirBedz also has backseat mattresses made from high-quality PVC construction.

3. A Solid and Budget-Friendly Option 

Rightline Gear Truck Air Bed Mattress - Amazon, $79.95

This mattress by Rightline Gear is budget-friendly, comes in two sizes (long and short), and has terrific reviews on Amazon. The mattress fits the entire truck bed, but gives some space by the wheel to store some of your camping necessities. We love that it's so easy to set up: Just inflate it with the included 12V air pump, and it'll be ready to go in seconds. It even comes with a patch kit, just in case you get any nicks on it over time.

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4. A Must-Have Accessory: A Truck Tent

Sportz Truck Tent Blue/Grey - Amazon, $257.98 

A truck tent will make your outdoor sleep area feel like you're really camping, and it'll protect you from the elements as well. This has easy set-up, fits two people, and has a sewn-in floor. Reviewers like that it has a an opening in the rear to allow you to easily access your truck and even charge your phone while you're sleeping in the tent.

This post was originally published on July 8, 2020.