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These Cooling Blankets Will Keep You Comfortable All Summer Long

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If there's one thing all hot sleepers know, it's how difficult it can be to get a good night's sleep when you're dealing with night sweats and feeling like your body temperature is way too high at night. Sleeping without a blanket is practically impossible, so normally we crank up the air conditioner and hope for the best. However, a cooling blanket can be a real lifesaver. They help with temperature regulation and work to prevent people from overheating, so you won't need to turn the air conditioning down to a freezing temperature to sleep soundly during those hot summer nights.

?So what makes a blanket a cooling one? Turns out, it's all in the fabric. Materials like cotton and bamboo can feel cooling by wicking away moisture — and because they don't trap heat like some other fabrics can, you'll have a better night's sleep and won't toss and turn all night long. You can typically tell because a fabric will feel almost 'cool' to the touch, which means it doesn't retain its temperature and will be comfortable for a longer time than other fabrics. While cooling sheets are typically a popular category, there are options for blankets as well: because if you have cooling sheets and a hot comforter, guess what? You'll still be hot and miserable all night long. Because sleep quality is a super important part of our overall health — and waking up in the middle of the night with night sweats can really impact how well we are sleeping — a cooling throw blanket can be a real game-changer during the summer months, or even all year-round if you tend to sleep hot. Here are some of our picks for the best cooling blankets you'll love:

1. A Thin Blanket Made From Bamboo 

DANGTOP 100% Bamboo Cooling Blanket, Queen Size - Amazon, $29.99

Dangtop cooling blankets are made with 100% bamboo fabric — which is just the fibers of bamboo trees and happens to be breathable and moisture-wicking. They come in various sizes and beautiful colors, so you can get one to fit your queen-size or king-size bed. It's the perfect summer blanket for those living in Florida or Texas. This thin blanket is machine-washable on a gentle cycle, but you need to hang it to dry.

2. A Dual-Sided Option for Year-Round Use

SLEEP ZONE Athlete-Grade Cooling Blanket


Sleep Zone Athletic Cooling Blanket, Twin Size - Amazon, $40

This cotton jersey blanket offers great airflow and is dual-sided — the cool-to-the-touch side is perfect for summer, while the soft jersey fabric on the other side is warm and will keep you cozy in the winter. This moisture-wicking lightweight blanket is a great choice to keep in your guest room closet, because it will please any type of sleeper that may stay on your bed or couch. You can machine-wash and tumble dry this blanket, as well.

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3. A Weighted Blanket Option

LUXOME Luxury Weighted Blanket (15 pounds) - Amazon, $127.95

This weighted blanket comes with a duvet cover made of bamboo to keep you comfortable on hot nights. Say goodbye to night sweats and hello to a more comfortable night's sleep! If you haven't tried one of these yet, prepare to have your mind blown — it's a way to ease anxiety and help relax you, whether you're on your couch or taking it to bed. We love that it's made with sustainable glass beads and won't bunch around or move while you're trying to relax.

4. A Cooling Comforter 

Buffy Breeze Comforter (Full/Queen) - Amazon, $229.00

If you're looking for a year-round, high-quality solution, the Buffy Breeze comforter is our pick. Made from 100% eucalyptus, it claims to make your whole bed feel like "the cool side of the pillow." It's also thoughtfully constructed — the eucalyptus itself is grown in renewable Austrian forests that use 10 times less water than cotton. Reviewers love this pick because it's silky-soft (many say it felt like a cloud!) and most agree it lives up to the hype. One wrote: "The comforter is very breathable and kept us cool but cozy in the summer."

This post was originally published on May 14, 2021.