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Leg Elevation Pillows Are Easy To Use (And That's Only One of the Many Benefits They Offer)

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The world is full of wellness tips and trends that aren't very easy to follow. You should be able to feel good without jumping through hoops. Leg elevation is one activity that has amazing health benefits and is actually easy to do. All you need for better sleep, improved blood circulation, and varicose vein relief is a leg elevation pillow.

Having elevated leg support is a simple way to increase blood flow through your legs, which can help with a number of problems: from post-surgery leg swelling to everyday discomfort. If you are going through surgery recovery, experiencing leg cramps and lower back pain, or have several other lower-body ailments, talk to your doctor, and check out these elevating leg rest pillows.

Benefits of Using a Leg Elevation Pillow

Among other things, the University of Michigan's School of Medicine offers healthcare tips on the benefits of elevating your legs. Healthline.com also provides some advice about using a leg wedge pillow. Both sources recommend choosing something that offers lower back support in addition to something that is ortho-approved.

Using an elevated pillow can be a game-changer for how you rest and get comfortable. I've been doing leg elevation for a few years now, and I find that it really helps me sleep better (along with my cooling pillowcase). Check out these options for a better night in bed, among other things.

Best Leg Elevation Pillows

Best Overall

1. Ebung Leg Elevation Pillow - with Memory Foam Top, High-Density Leg Rest Pillow Elevating Foam Wedge Pillow- Relieves Leg Pain, Hip and Knee Pain, Improves Blood Circulation, Reduces Swelling - Breathable, Washable Cover

The Ebung pillow is packed with high-quality foam made of polyurethane, topped with a high-density memory foam layer. Its ergonomic shape is versatile and can be used for pregnancies, surgery recovery, or relief from foot swelling like edema.

What's best about the Ebung is that it is durable and can withstand years of use. The memory foam wedge pillow is encased by a removable, hypoallergenic, machine washable cover. It also comes with a 2-year warranty, although most reviewers seem sure you won't need it.

If you experience acid reflux, then flip this pillow from your feet to your head. It can be used to elevate the upper body as well as the lower body. Doing so will help reduce acid in your esophagus.

Best Wedge Pillow Under $40

2. LightEase Memory Foam Leg, Knee, Ankle Support and Elevation Leg Pillow for Post-Surgery

While the Ebung is great for multi-use, the LightEase is strictly shaped for leg support. Nestle your limb into the contoured trench and relax at elevated ease. This is your option for post-surgery recovery.

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The side of this pillow has a handle for effortless reconfiguring, and the removable cover will make your pillow-cleaning just as simple. That pillow cover is made from soft plush foam that stays cool while you stay off your feet. LightEase boasts that it can improve recovery time by 30%. I don't know how scientifically true that is, but this Amazon reviewer loved their experience with the pillow:

Best for Side Sleepers (and Budget)

3. Contour Legacy Leg & Knee Foam Support Pillow - Soothing Back Pain Relief for Sciatica, Hips, Knees, Joints & Pregnancy - As Seen on TV

Depending on your ailment, you might need a knee pillow rather than a traditional bed wedge pillow. If you're a side sleeper, this can work better for you than the other pillows, which require you to lay on your back. The Contour's half-moon shape is an intuitive way to reduce hip pain as well as sciatica discomfort.

This pillow has similar features to the others: machine-washable cover, memory foam layers, cooling qualities. The biggest difference is in where you can use the Contour. It's much more travel-friendly than larger support pillows.

You deserve to live and sleep in comfort. These leg elevation pillows can help you reduce pain and improve circulation. Shop these styles and more today and sleep better tonight.

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