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Is CVS Open on Christmas? Here Are Their 2023 Holiday Hours

We've all needed to make an unexpected CVS run.

Putting together the perfect Christmas dinner isn't a walk in the park. (Check out these restaurants open on Christmas if cooking isn't your thing.) It involves roasting the main course, prepping tasty side dishes, and making the table look festive. There's a bunch of stuff to juggle. With all the holiday chaos, it's totally possible that we might forget something important or run into an unexpected problem.

Imagine burning your finger on Christmas lights or realizing you're out of milk for the family's favorite dessert. The obvious solution is a quick run to the convenience store. But here's the catch - not all stores are open on Christmas. Big names like Trader Joe's and even Walmart shut down. So, what's the plan if you urgently need butter, sugar, or Band-Aids for a surprise injury? That's when you'll need to know CVS Christmas hours.

If you're stuck and need to make a last-minute grocery run this Christmas, your local convenience store, especially one with a pharmacy, could be a lifesaver. CVS is a good bet, with plenty of locations across the country providing convenience and essential supplies. So, the big question: Is CVS open on Christmas? Knowing this in advance is key. Keep reading to find out if CVS is open for business on Christmas and what CVS Christmas hours you can expect.

Is CVS Open on Christmas in 2023?

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We've got some good news for you. CVS is usually open on Christmas Day as well as many of the other holidays throughout the year. In fact, the drug store is rarely closed during the holiday season, including during Thanksgiving. People have to be able to pick up their medications, after all. You can likely expect your local store to be open, too. So, if you end up needing to make a trip out in the chilly Christmas weather, CVS should be waiting for you out there so you can grab what you need and get back home to your family with the goods. But be sure to call ahead before you get all the way out to the car to make sure your store is open first.

What Are CVS Christmas Hours in 2023?

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This year, Christmas Day falls on Monday, December 25. That means most CVS Pharmacy locations, including the ones that are open 24 hours, should be operating on their normal schedules. However, there may be reduced hours at some locations: for instance, your local store may be open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. The pharmacy hours posted may not follow the holiday hours, however. And some locations may be closed entirely.

That's why it's a good idea to go ahead and triple-check before you go out and use up your gas to call your local store first. Larger CVS Pharmacy locations and Minute Clinics could have some different hours from their main store locations, too.

But if you don't need to pick up your prescriptions or any medical supplies, you should have other options to shop. There will be other stores open on Christmas. Consider trying Walgreens as an alternative, or another local chain. And if it's food you're looking for, there should be a few spots open there, too, like 24-hour IHOPs or Denny's, and potentially even McDonald's.

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