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Is CVS Open on Thanksgiving 2023? Everything to Know About Their Holiday Hours

Last minute drug store trip? CVS has you covered.

Getting that perfect Thanksgiving dinner on the table is no joke. There's getting the turkey just right, making sure the sides are on point, and trying to make the table look Instagram-worthy. It's a lot to handle, and sometimes, in the middle of all the chaos, we might realize we're missing a few things.

Or, worst case scenario, we have a little holiday mishap. Whether you accidentally give yourself a kitchen battle scar or discover you're fresh out of butter for the rolls, it could mean an emergency run to the store. If you're in a pinch and need to grab some last-minute stuff this Thanksgiving, CVS might be the move. It's not just about saving time; if you're in need of prescription drugs or medical supplies, it could be about saving a life.

But not every store is keeping its doors open on Turkey Day. Walmart's closed again on Thanksgiving this year, although there are other grocery spots open on Thanksgiving for those eleventh-hour cooking needs. Starbucks is open on Thanksgiving, but the hours are a bit all over the place. Now, what's the deal with CVS?

This is intel you'll want upfront. We did some digging to let you know if CVS is your go-to spot for emergency Thanksgiving shopping and what hours you can count on. Keep reading to find out if CVS has got your back this Turkey Day.

Is CVS Open on Thanksgiving in 2023?

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Here's the good news: CVS is typically open on Thanksgiving and most holidays, too. You should be able to expect your local store to be open as well. The drug store is rarely closed even during these special occasions, though you might want to call ahead before you venture out into the holiday wasteland that is Thanksgiving Day. CVS hasn't said otherwise this year, either, so given that it's been the same for the past few years, it's safe to say you can expect to be able to go inside this year, too.

What Are CVS Thanksgiving Hours in 2023?

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Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 23 this year. That means most CVS Pharmacy locations, including those open 24 hours, will operate on their usual schedule, and that means they should remain open. Their pharmacy hours may not match the in-store shopping hours, though. Plus, some might have adjusted hours or might even be closed for the holiday.

With that in mind, it's a good idea to use their store locator tool or call your local store to confirm the timings. Those larger CVS Pharmacies and Minute Clinics might have different hours from the main store. So, if you need medical services or prescriptions, be sure to check those specific timings and be prepared to go to an immediate care center or emergency room if your situation is dire.

If you're searching for items outside of what a drugstore offers, several other stores will be open on Thanksgiving. You might also consider checking the Thanksgiving hours for Walmart and Target to ensure you have all bases covered. And if you need food? Well, we have it on good authority that McDonald's should be open.

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