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Is Starbucks Open on Thanksgiving? Here's What You Need To Know

That caffeine fix is important, even on a major holiday.

Wondering if Starbucks is open on Thanksgiving? You're not alone. As the holidays roll in, the thought of braving the kitchen or heading off on a long journey to join family, minus your beloved Starbucks brew, seems daunting. It's undeniable: For many, Starbucks is more than just a coffee shop; it's a morning tradition.

On Thanksgiving, while plenty of supermarkets will stay open and welcome shoppers, places like Walmart will stay shut, continuing its practice from the past few years, as will Trader Joe's. Similarly, several other stores, like Walgreens will welcome guests on Thanksgiving. You can also visit some restaurants on the big day. But, the big question remains: Is Starbucks open?

Holidays typically bring changes to regular business hours, even for the big-name brands. Imagine turning up at your local Starbucks on Thanksgiving, craving your usual Starbies fix, only to find the doors locked. That could definitely dampen the holiday spirit.

It's important you get your Starbucks if you make the trip out to one, regardless of whether it's a caffeine necessity or just your own lil' treat. That's why we've checked out Starbucks' operating hours on Thanksgiving for you. That way, you can make plans that include your fave holiday drink. After all, why can't Thanksgiving turkey and mashed potatoes be enjoyed with a Starbucks drink? Spoiler: They can!

Here's everything we need to know about Starbucks' schedule on Thanksgiving Day.

Is Starbucks Open on Thanksgiving in 2023?

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Good news for all coffee lovers: Starbucks will be welcoming customers on Thanksgiving Day. On Thursday, Nov. 23, while many places shut down for the holiday, the coffee shop will make sure its faithful visitors won't be left caffeine-deprived. However, it's essential to note that not all Starbucks branches operate on the same schedule. As we've seen in the past, certain stores might close earlier or open later than usual on this particular day.

To avoid any unexpected caffeine interruptions, it's a good idea to go ahead and check with your local Starbucks outlet before you go on a coffee run. Hate making phone calls? Use the Starbucks store locator and the official Starbucks App to check the most up-to-date store hours.

This year, whether your day starts at dawn prepping the Thanksgiving turkey or continues late into the night as you prep for Black Friday shopping, rest assured that Starbucks will be there.

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