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12 Country Stars You Should Definitely Follow on TikTok

TikTok is slowly taking over the music world, with several rising artists going viral thanks to trusty fans who have followed them for years. Several of these upcoming artists are so good that they have earned the attention of record labels, signing on to create their own content outside of the app.

Just look at Priscilla Block, Lily Rose, and Spencer Crandall — to name a few — who have been releasing hit after hit, thanks to the loyalty of their audience. But, of course, you still have your trusted favorite country singers on there, showing us sneak peeks of their daily life on tour and their killer workouts. It's truly entertaining to see what these celebrities are up to, and it's fun to realize they are just like us!

Here are a few country artists you should definitely follow on TikTok.

Maren Morris

Morris was one of my favorite artists to follow on TikTok because she is so darn relatable. She basically gives us daily updates on what she does while being on tour for so long, which is exciting to see. You really don't know what happens backstage, so it's refreshing to see musicians share that private part of their life with us. Recently she shared a video of her dueting with Gavin DeGraw as the "Chariot" singer went on a challenge to pick a record while blindfolded and covered the artist he picked out, landing on Morris.

Luke Combs


?Middle of Somewhere!? Can?t wait for y?all to hear the full thing Friday! #countrymusic #lukecombs

? Middle of Somewhere - Luke Combs

Combs is one of the biggest names to be active on TikTok, especially leading up to his album release. The singer is known for being cheeky with his demos, sharing bits and pieces before he officially announces the single. Before the release of Growin' Up, Combs shared snippets of "Love We Make," "Tomorrow Me," "Used To Wish I Was" and "On The Other Line." Safe to say that kept his fans on their toes for a bit while they waited for the full-length songs. Combs has also been sharing several acoustic versions of his tunes.

Priscilla Block


#greenscreen #greenscreenvideo this might be the coolest trend to date

? Cool Kids (Sped-Up Version) - Echosmith

Block had her big break with TikTok with her hit song "Just About Over You," which received over three million views, garnering over three hundred thousand fans. The song was named one of the best songs of 2020 by The New York Times and debuted on her self-titled EP. Block is also pretty active on the social media site, sharing her own personal fitness journey, behind the scenes content during her shows, and just everyday fun that makes you want to be friends with Block so badly. She genuinely seems like a down-to-earth person!

Carrie Underwood


Fun times after a Fit52 this morning! #RockTheBoatChallenge #alreadysweaty #WhyDidntISmile

? Grab Da Wall & Rock Da Boat - 504 Boyz & Weebie

We see you, and we are obsessed with you, Carrie Underwood! Not only does this woman have killer pipes, but she has a killer body! Throughout her time on TikTok, Underwood has shared several videos of her taking on fitness challenges, just to prove how strong of a woman she is. It's truly amazing and makes me want to jump off the couch and follow her routine head to toe. Need fitness inspiration? This is the person to follow!

Hannah Dasher


Skinny Chicken Parmesan #cooking #food #viral #standbyyourpan #foodtok #fy #fyp #skinny #eatclean #learnontiktok

? original sound - HANNAH DASHER

Hannah Dasher is definitely my favorite "TikToker" on the list! This woman just radiates positive energy with every word she says! Not only does she make my day every time I see a video, but she is also teaching us how to cook! During COVID quarantine, the singer took up some cooking and decided to show her fun hacks and meals on TikTok to show us that cooking can indeed be fun. She is pretty hilarious, especially when she switches up recipes and decides to add her own "two spices" to them. You can tell she's having fun while doing it too, and all while singing in the kitchen which makes it extra special.

Walker Hayes

Of course, we couldn't leave the TikTok king off the list! Hayes, along with his daughter, went insanely viral last year, as the duo danced along to his song "Fancy Like." The song basically blew up in a matter of days, with the video receiving more than 2.4 million likes, and becoming a popular viral hit. The song was so big that even Applebees decided to partner with Hayes and brought back the beloved Oreos milkshake! To this day, the singer still posts to several other songs, alongside his children and wife as they all embark on his first headlining tour!

Thomas Rhett


People ask me all the time what it?s like having 4 kids?

? Remember You Young - Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett's TikTok is such a hidden gem. Seriously, it's refreshing; the singer shares so many videos of his personal life that it makes you feel like you're part of his family! You have everything from baby videos, to his wife Lauren being silly, to life on set and behind-the-scenes content. It makes you wonder what he's hiding behind the videos! My favorite video is of him dancing to his then-single "Redneck Be Like," as he performed a well-choreographed routine with some friends to promote the song. It's wonderful.

Spencer Crandall

Spencer Crandall is all about the music! The singer has been sharing multiple videos of him singing new songs expected to be on his album. He has quite a unique sound with amazing lyrics that you know will become instant hits. These newcomers sure know how to break the mold and connect with their fans at another level. Plus...who doesn't love new music?

Nate Smith


#iwasatrainwreck #ifoundyou

? I Found You Demo - Nate Smith Country

Much like Crandall, Smith is taking full advantage of TikTok, as he should! The country singer is currently signed to Sony Music Nashville after his song "Wildfire" went viral on Tiktok at the beginning of quarantine. That's when producers heard him he signed a publishing deal with Sony/TV before landing his major label record deal. The video gained nationwide attention earning over 3 million views and he went on to release "Raised up," co-written with Jonathan Smith and "I Don't Wanna Go To Heaven," which helped him land on 2020 Artists to Watch by Country Lifestyle, Country Now and Pop Wrapped.

Maddie & Tae


the kind of friend you dont have to entertain>>>> #bestfriends #fyp #countrymusic

? Late Night Talking - Harry Styles

By far the most humble duo on the list, Maddie and Tae are having the time of their life while on tour and they are making sure we come along with them! Promoting their single, "Every Night Every Morning," the singers has been sharing personal videos of their spouses, their daily life and behind the scene rituals they do before they go on stage. They also regularly post videos of each other praising one another, with one video reading, "Who else out there got a 12+ year bestie and sometimes y'all don't even need to speak you just vide out together and it's amazing???" Friendship goals, anyone?

Jordan Davis


Family, fans, friends, golf, and music. #whatmyworldspinsaround #pov #summervibes

? What My World Spins Around - Jordan Davis

Taking advantage of his new music and the amazing lyrics behind it, Davis has been sharing fun videos of himself, his family, and what makes his "world spin around." The country star is pretty open when it comes to his family, showing videos of his children and wife goofing around and making the best life they can together. Davis, much like the other artists above, also shows behind the scenes content, especially about his relationship with his band members and crew, who work hard to put on great shows.

Kelsea Ballerini



? Pretend TheBossWives - SeipatiG

Last but certainly not least, we have the one and only Kelsea Ballerini, who frequently shares her sense of humor and proves that she loves to have fun. She also likes to make fun of herself, partaking in all the TikTok challenges she can while being joined by her family and friends. It's a great way to promote an album if you ask me. Before announcing her album, she actually posted a few videos answering questions from fans, revealing that her album was set to be released in September of this year!

Honorable Mentions: Miranda Lambert, Andrew Jannakos, Blake Shelton, and Russel Dickerson.

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