Saturday headliner Carrie Underwood performs on the Mane State on the second day of the three-day Stagecoach Country Music Festival at Empire Polo Fields, Indio, CA on Saturday, April 30, 2022.
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Carrie Underwood's Fitness TikTok Videos Prove Her Abs are as Strong as Her Vocals


Carrie Underwood has been known to stay connected with her fans through her social media, so much so that she sometimes gives us previews of her daily life, especially on TikTok. The country singer has shared a glimpse of her family, her daily routine, and even her very own workout videos. Let me tell you, those workouts are impressive; they make me want to get off the couch and get running. No wonder she has an extra fit body -- just look at all the work she puts into it!

As I was scrolling through her TikTok page, I found a video of her tackling the viral Rock the Boat Challenge, and well, she absolutely crushed it. The challenge is set to a mashup of 503 Boyz's "Grab Da Wall & Rock Da Boat." Basically, the person starts off with shoulder taps, quickly moving to mountain climber and then doing a combination of push-ups and plank jacks.


Fun times after a Fit52 this morning! #RockTheBoatChallenge #alreadysweaty #WhyDidntISmile

? Grab Da Wall & Rock Da Boat - 504 Boyz & Weebie

As expected, the American Idol alum easily pulled off the challenge with no hesitation. She also partnered up with Body Armor this year to create a new challenge, incorporating the drink into her workout. She captioned her TikTok video, "You know I love a good challenge! Who's next to try this #BODYARMORChallenge ?? Rumor has it @BODYARMOR might send some cases to those who post..."


Throughout her career, the singer has repeatedly stated that fitness and health were really important to her, making them a priority in her life. Speaking with Women's Health about her fitness journey, the singer stated, "To me, working out--my husband has said it--he was like: 'You're, like, a more pleasant person to be about when you have a workout in the morning.' And I was like, 'I know! I feel better. My self-care is my gym time. And that's a stress reliever for me."


You know I love a good challenge! Who?s next to try this #BODYARMORChallenge ?? Rumor has it @BODYARMOR might send some cases to those who post...

? original sound - Carrie Underwood

Believe it or not, she is so committed to her health that while on tour she has her very own mobile gym that follows her tour bus. The trailer includes everything from barbells, dumbbells, a bench, a leg press, an elliptical, a treadmill, and kettlebells. Did you know that she actually has her very own activewear line, Calia? She's also become what you can call a fitness guru; She wrote a fitness book, Find Your Path: Honor Your Body, Fuel Your Soul, and Get Strong with the Fit52 Life, and even developed an app, Fit52, with her fitness trainer, Eve Overland.

The country singer does change up her workout routine monthly and alters her diet, saying that she always listens to her body.


"I want to listen to my body and do what I'm in the mood for. On different days, that means different things. I'm a bit of a seasonal workout person. If you think about it, in the winter, we're all bundled up, and we all want to be warm, comfortable, there are a lot of holidays," she told Shape. "So, I'll lift more and do less cardio then and make use of all those extra holiday food calories and build some muscle. In the summer, I want to feel lighter. I want to run and sweat, so I use the temperature and that feeling to lean up a bit and do more outdoor cardio things."

She continued, "I've become an expert at working out with nothing! I'm great at putting things together, and thinking: 'What do I have around me that I can use?' Maybe it's three steps--I can use that! Or I have a chair I can do dips on. Obviously, if you work with your bodyweight, you can do push-ups anywhere. You can do sit-ups anywhere. You can be in your hotel room, and you don't have to leave. You just have to think outside the box, and get creative."

Safe to say Underwood is in top shape, and we'll gladly take TikTok tips from her any day!


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