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Carrie Underwood Still Holds a Childhood Grudge Against Turtles

Of all the critters Carrie Underwood encountered while growing up in Oklahoma, none shook her quite like turtles.

Underwood's longtime grudge against a particular type of reptile was a topic of discussion during her recent appearance on the Drew Barrymore Show.

"They're the ones that have bit me the most," Underwood told Barrymore. "I grew up in the country and turtles were the easiest to catch."

Underwood clarified that she's not "petrified by turtles." She simply doesn't want to pick one up after a string of bad childhood experiences.

The country singer and American Idol alum previously revealed her disdain of turtles in 2017 along with a photo of her son Isaiah admiring a tortoise.

"Fun fact: the only animal I do NOT like is a turtle," she wrote. "I'm fine with (snakes) and (spiders) and anything else that most people find scary, but (turtles) are NOT OK. (That said I'll still pull my car over to help one cross the road...even though I don't like it). I'm glad my son doesn't share my feelings... #turtlesareweird #walkfaster #pleasedontbiteme."

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Underwood, her husband Mike Fisher and their sons, Isaiah and Jacob, have adapted to the lack of red carpet photo shoots to steal by furthering their reach as one of country music's must-follow families on social media.

Part of the family's social media superstar status is due to pics of their pets. The family owns three dogs (Ace, Penny and Zero) and two cows (Brownie and Oreo) plus horses and chickens. Underwood's also a vegetarian that won't even break the rules for a bowl of turtle soup.

Underwood shared the ACM's 2020 Entertainer of the Year award with Thomas Rhett. She also vied in 2020 for the CMA's Entertainer of the Year prize, which was won by Eric Church.

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