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Carrie Underwood Has a Genius Washer and Dryer Hack

She once told us to take a baseball bat to both headlights of a cheating boyfriend's car, and we flocked to the sporting goods store in droves. Now, Carrie Underwood declares the laundry room is dead. We ride at dawn.

The country superstar, business mogul and expert home-maker — not to mention, our fierce leader — has unwittingly set in motion what can only be referred to as The Great Laundry Revolution of 2023 by revealing that her washer and dryer are tucked away, elegantly and efficiently, in her closet.

In a June 2020 Instagram post, Underwood modeled a bikini from her CALIA clothing brand, giving fans a glimpse of her enviable walk-in closet. The swimwear looked amazing, to be sure. But all eyes were on the country star's ingenious laundry hack: a washer and dryer sitting side-by-side in an island at the center of the room.

The elegant laundry solution elicited applause, with one Instagram user commenting, "Gorgeous picture. But is that a washer and dryer ? Brilliant!!" and another saying, "I NEED a washer & dryer in my closet Carrie. I do. I do. I do."

The 39-year-old mother of two is seriously onto something here. A washer and dryer in the closet eliminates the need to walk back-and-forth with a bushel of clothes every few days. Plus, the units are stowed away neatly in an island with a handy countertop for sorting and folding. And, of course, the wood-paneled island makes those machines look...chic? Leave it to Carrie to transform the most utilitarian household appliances into art.

There are a few downsides to the space-saving hack, though. For those of us without a walk-in closet, it's just not possible. A vertically-stacked washer-dryer unit may be a better bet for tight spaces. And even if you have a spacious walk-in, if it's attached to your bedroom, you may need some earplugs to sleep through those late-night laundry sessions.

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