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Carrie Underwood Shares Adorable Video of Her 3-Year-Old Son Working Out: 'Gym Buddy'

Carrie Underwood is a longtime fitness fanatic, and it appears that her her son, Jake, shares her interest. Underwood recently posted a video to her Instagram showing the 3-year-old titan working out to one of her "old Tae Bo DVDs." It's hilarious and heart-warming — but also a challenge? Jake is out here crushing his New Year's resolutions, and what have we done today but sit around?

In the video, the adorable tot can be seen following along to a workout tape playing on a nearby laptop, with his proud mommy writing, "I may soon have myself a gym buddy!"

Fellow country star Jimmie Allen, who is set to tour with Underwood for her Denim and Rhinestones run kicking off in February, took to the comments to praise little Jake's initiative. "He's getting after it," Allen wrote. "That's more exercising than I've done in the last 3 years."

Physical fortitude no doubt runs in the family. Underwood runs her own fitness app, Fit52, where users can follow along to her workouts. (FYI, New Year's Resolution keepers: Underwood recently shared her "famous" leg routine.) Plus, Underwood's husband Mike Fisher was a professional ice hockey player, having played on Canadian and NHL teams.

The pair tied the knot in 2010, and they share two sons: Isaiah Michael (aged 7) and 3-year-old Jacob Bryan.

Underwood might take a note from Jake's playbook and get energized for a grueling schedule ahead. The country star has a jam-packed 2023, beginning with the kick-off of her Denim and Rhinestones tour on Feb. 2 in Miami. Later this summer, she's set to relaunch her Reflection Las Vegas Residency, which originally opened in December 2021. Underwood will perform shows at Resorts World Las Vegas from June through December this year.

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