YouTube: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Blake Shelton's Funniest Moments on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'

I can't be the only one who is obsessed with Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon's friendship. There is something about these two that just makes me so happy. It's like they always manage to put a smile on my face without even trying. Honestly, I think it's Shelton because he is just so damn funny.

So as I was roaming over the internet (like I always do) I found this hilarious compilation of Shelton's best moments on NBC's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and let me tell you, I laughed for a good 30 minutes straight.

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The video starts off with Fallon and Shelton playing one of my favorite games, "The Whisper Challenge." Shelton is hesitant at first, saying "It's just something stupid we're doing?" It all goes downhill from there folks, and boy am I so grateful it does. By far one of my most favorite moments of Shelton is when Fallon and Shelton took part in the "Caramel Apple Russian Roulette."

Basically, the duo had 12 apples in front of them, 8 were caramel apples, and 4 were raw onions. They then had to decide which one was which, playing a game of yes, Russian Roulette. How does one lose? Well, if you get two onion apples, then you're done, game over. I guess there really isn't a point to the game, but you know, it's funny to watch. Like Shelton said, "this is the dumbest thing," but hey, we are here for it!

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Before he picks up his first apple, the country music singer quickly looks at Fallon to which she jokes, "I'm only here because Seth Meyers was booked." Laughing it off, and hesitant to bite the apple, he finally picks one up, looks at it, and takes a bite. By the look of his face, you could tell that he immediately knew it was in fact an onion and not an apple. Womp, womp. Beginners' luck I guess?

The late-night host laughs it off, telling him, "Blake, I'm so happy that you're here," knowing that the crowd was probably enjoying watching Shelton squirm. It's the perfect Halloween game. Especially since Fallon ALSO got an apple on his first try. Shelton ultimately lost after immediately getting the second onion. Poor guy didn't have luck on his side!

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It's glorious, wonderful, and hilarious. These two definitely have a love-hate relationship, and Shelton's dry humor proves it. In a good way, of course! I mean, have you seen him on The VoiceHe's definitely the best one there! Anyways, keep being you, Shelton! We're here for it!