'The Voice': Soulful Singer Chooses Blake Shelton Over Ariana Grande After Shocking Audition

The Voice season 21 is getting pretty exciting, unpredictable and fun! The show is currently heading to the Battle Rounds and Knockouts, after the four coaches continued to search for their teams of 12.

In comes 20-year-old contestant Libianca from Minneapolis, who pretty much ruled the stage with her deep and beautiful voice during the fifth round of Blind Auditions. The singer got the attention, and chair turns, from both Ariana Grande and Blake Shelton after performing her rendition of SZA's "Good Days."


After her performance, Grande quickly went in first trying to sweep her in, saying, "I'm obsessed with you. It's such a huge undertaking to do a SZA song .... Your low range, you sat in that space for a majority of the performance, and I was like, 'She's so good at that. I wonder if that's her thing. Does she have the highs?' But then you saved it for the end, and it felt more emotional that way. I'm freaking out. I really hope you pick me. You're so good. You're so beautiful, and I'm obsessed!"

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That's when the country singer tried to get Libianca to join his team, joking that he was the obvious coach for her.

"Living down there in that lower register for as long as you did -- it would be one thing to touch on here and there, but you were wallowing in it down there. You had so much control, and there was so much volume," Shelton said. "That's what shocked me about your voice. Yeah. I'm the country guy, but I've won this show with all different kinds of artists. The coach and artist relationship is about whatever I can do that can help you be the best at whatever you want to be. That's my job. I'd be honored to be your coach."

After listening to both coaches make their case, Libianca quickly told Shelton and Grande that she had been "looking for a sign" to help her make the decision. Shocking not only the audience, but also Grande, she said, "Somebody said something that gave me a sign, because I asked God to give me a sign. So Blake, I'm going to go with you."

As expected, Shelton leaped onto his feet in excitement over her decision. Putting my two cents in, I think it's great she chose Shelton. You know that he's going to help her and he always has a great knack for working with artists who perform a variety of genres. So yeah, I'm Team Blake for this one!

Tune in to a new one-hour episode of the reality TV show with Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Shelton, Grande and host Carson Daly, on Tuesday, October 5, at 8 PM on NBC.

Are you Team Blake, Team Ariana, Team Legend or Team Kelly?

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'The Voice': Soulful Singer Chooses Blake Shelton Over Ariana Grande After Shocking Audition