Jimmy Fallon Forced Blake Shelton to Try Sushi, and It Went Terribly Wrong

If I ever have the opportunity to meet Blake Shelton, the first thing I'm going to do is ask him is to say "RAIIIIHS WINE." This has to easily be one of my favorite videos on the internet because I seriously couldn't stop laughing throughout. I love Jimmy Fallon, I love his show, and I absolutely adore Shelton himself. So seeing these two together made my day. I did watch this video a couple of years ago but decided to bring it back because let's face it, it's great. I think by now we all know that Blake Shelton is definitely not a fan of sushi, and we have Fallon to thank for that.

During a segment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he decided to take the country singer to go get some sushi for the first time and broaden his pallet horizon. (Oh, and to promote his new song back then..but that's beside the point.) The late-night host decided to take Shelton to Nobu for his first Sushi experience and recorded everything for our pleasure. As soon as they get there he hilariously tells Shelton not to eat the hot towels and decides to poke fun at the way he says "rice wine."

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I have to admit, I laughed at this way too hard because Blake knew the joke, and he was playing along with it throughout the whole interview yelling rice wine to the whole restaurant. So before the sushi arrived, saying that they looked like human tongues, the duo decided to partake in some sake. To which the country star absolutely hated saying it tasted like "Easter egg coloring."

The Voice coach also decided to take a bite of the sushi, saying, "The texture is Play-doh, but I will say this to you right now, man to man: I like that. I like how that tasted." He wasn't particularly a fan of the sashimi either, saying, "What could be more disgusting than raw fish? Whatever this is?" He quickly called the waitress and ask for some more rice wine. So as entertaining it is to see Shelton get fed all kinds of sea urchins and drink unlimited amounts of wine, it got even better. Fallon decided to show off a sushi mustache to  Shelton, but not having it, he just stared at him blankly.—U

As the courses got harder for the Grammy Award winner, especially while eating uni, he stayed ahead, " I'm going to pretend this isn't happening." At the end of the video, Fallon decides to treat Shelton with a dish that was covered, only to discover that it was McDonald's.  You can see the excitement on Shelton's face just waiting to take a bite out of that Big Mac. What a wonderful video. I hope this pair does more of these because they make my week. Also...can we just talk about Blake using chopstick helpers? Comical!. I need Kelly Clarkson to do this next!