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I Tried Blake Shelton's $14.99 Vodka, and I'm Highly Impressed

Back in December 2020, country superstar Blake Shelton decided it was time for a little change. What might that change be, you ask? Well, he decided to bless us with some very unique and exciting vodka. Yep, because well, why not? I feel like every celebrity is now doing their own alcohol.

Blake Shelton announced his new brand Smith Works, saying, "I grew up in Ada, Oklahoma and was raised on the values of hard work, humility and an appreciation for the simple but things that make up a good life. As part of the Smithworks family, I've been involved in the development of the brand, and I'm excited for everyone to finally taste what we've been crafting. At its core, Smithworks celebrates that moments in life are better spent with good people and great drinks."

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He also stated that he likes to drink vodka with some ginger ale because let's face it, is there any other thing that's good with vodka? So, you KNOW that's what I tried it with, and let me tell you, I was highly impressed. The vodka is made with corn from Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri and is finished and bottled in Fort Smith, Arkansas. According to the official description, "Smithworks Vodka Company Prides itself on hard work, family values, and sharing their locally-made spirit with family and friends."

I have to admit that I was a little nervous trying this because of the price. The vodka is currently selling for $14.99 plus tax (it might vary on where you are located) so I was suspicious about even trying it in the first place. But, I really like Blake, so I wanted to keep an open mind because if there's anything that Blake can do, it's probably chugging a few drinks back. And I say that with all wholesome respect. So there I was at the store looking for the vodka when I also found out that not only is Shelton making vodka, but he has also dived into the world of hard seltzer.

In March 2021 The Voice coach announced that he teamed up with the All-American brand Smithworks vodka again to create his own line of hard seltzer lemonade, just in time for the summertime. Shelton stated, "I am excited to officially announce the launch of Smithworks American-brewed Hard Seltzer Lemonade, each flavor inspired by a place that's home to me, the Heartland." Calling the seltzer " liquid sunshine" the country music star stated that the drink is perfect after last year's difficulties due to the Coronavirus. The Seltzer is 100 calories, 5% alcohol, and is one gram of sugar per 12oz can.

The Smithworks Hard Seltzer Lemonades are available in four different flavors: Classic Lemon, Ripe Strawberry, Crisp Lime, and Southern Peach Tea. This was very tricky, since I'm not a Seltzer fan, but I appreciate a nice refreshing drink once in a while. I have to admit, my favorite one out of these four is definitely the Southern Peach Tea. It was refreshing, and I could taste the peach and lemonade Blended, all while enjoying a nice sweet tea. The Crisp Lime seltzer also tasted like a lemon-lime soda, which I appreciated. This is very dangerous if you ask me because I had two of these and I was already feeling it. But hey, who doesn't like to enjoy some nice adult beverages by the pool on the weekend?

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