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The Best Water Guns for Water Warfare With the Family

Summer is here and the days are really starting to heat up, which means finding ways to play in the water is becoming a priority for many of us with kids. Creating fun water games with these water guns for kids is a great way to keep everyone occupied in the swimming pool or at the lake for hours. If you're looking for the best water gun for your kids this summer, check out some of these epic options.

Whether you're hoping to find the best Nerf guns for the pool or you just want a few water squirt guns to use as pool toys, this list has a full range of water guns for kids of all ages.

Best Water Guns

1. Joyin 2 Pack Super Water Blaster Shoot Up to 36 Feet High Capacity Water Soaker Blaster Squirt Toy Water Gun Swimming Pool Beach Sand Water Fighting Toy

This two-pack of squirt guns is perfect for drenching anyone and everyone. The water squirts up to 36 feet, and the water tank can hold up to 25 ounces of water.

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2. Nerf Super Soaker ZipFire

These mini water pistols from Nerf are perfect for water blaster sneak attacks. Quick triggers mean no pump action required for a quick reload!

3. Balnore Water Gun Soaker 4 Nozzles Water Blaster High Capacity 1200CC Squirt Gun 30ft Water Pistol Water Fight Summer Toys Outdoor Swimming Pool Beach Water Toys for Kid&Adult

These mega soakers have four nozzles to shoot four streams of water simultaneously for the ultimate water warfare. This soaker has a water capacity of 40 fluid ounces for hours of water battle!

4. Stream Machine Water Gun Double Barrel Water Launcher, 24 Inch Water Soaker Gun Shoots 40+ ft & Water Gun Launcher 17 Inch Single Barrel Water Launcher, Water Soaker Gun Shoots 40+ ft

This double-barrel water launcher is the perfect water toy for long-range soaking. It's easy to fill up this water shooter, simply submerge the barrel in any bucket, lake, or pool for endless summer fun.

5. NERF Fortnite TS-R Super Soaker Water Blaster Toy

If you have a child who is into video games, they'll love this Fortnite Nerf Super Soaker. This high-quality water gun is a great addition to your pool toys.

6. Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka

The Soakzooka is a water blaster with a massive water tank. It has super high ratings on Amazon and can hold up to 55 ounces of water.

7. heytech Water Guns, 2 Pack Squirt Guns for Kids, Water Blaster 300CC High Capacity Summer Water Outdoor Pool Fighting Toys

This two-pack water gun package is rated for high durability and for being a great budget water toy.

8. Water Blaster Soaker Gun, 2 Pack Squirt Water Toy for Children & Adults - Two Switchable Squirt Mode with 5 Water Spout for More Fun in Pool, Beach etc. 2 Bright Colors Up to 33 Ft Blast.

These water soaker guns are perfect pool toys for summertime. With two different modes for water warfare, you'll keep the kids busy for hours with these water guns. The material is non-toxic, making it good for little kids.

9. HITOP Water Guns for Kids, 2 Pack Super Squirt Guns Water Soaker Blaster 300CC Toys Gifts for Boys Girls Children Summer Swimming Pool Beach Sand Outdoor Water Fighting Play Toys

This two-pack of water guns is the most popular option for squirt guns on Amazon. They're perfect for taking to the beach or for a wild pool party.

10. Biulotter Water Gun for Kids, 3 Nozzles Transparent Squirt Guns Water Gun 1200CC Water Toys for Boys Girls Summer Swimming Pool Beach Sand Outdoor Water Fighting Play Toys

This epic water gun has three nozzles for ultimate soaking, and the water refill hole is large enough to add ice cubes to keep water cool for longer. The pump action to fire allows for a longer range — almost 35 feet! They can hold a large amount of water with a 40-ounce capacity tank.

This article was originally published on March 30, 2021. 

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