Enjoy a Rowdy Game of 'Chicken Fight' With Inflatable Chicken Pool Floats

Summertime growing up consisted of waterparks and pool parties at my best friend's house. Naturally, we couldn't help but use the water as an excuse for rough play. (Hey, we were kids, after all). Falling into the swimming pool typically doesn't hurt (unless you're doing belly flops), so this means pool games were built around silly games like 'chicken fight.'

A chicken fight involves four people. Two people sit on the shoulders of their teammate and battle until they push their opponent off their teammate's shoulders. Thanks to chicken fight pool floats, you no longer need two extra players.

SCS Direct Inflatable Chicken Fight Twin Float Pool Game Set - Includes Two Giant Battle Ride-Ons - Flip Your Friends to Win! - for Kids and Adults

chicken fight

Where were these inflatable rides when I was growing up? I always had to beg someone to let me climb their shoulders so I could maintain my title as 'chicken fight queen' over my siblings. The chicken fight pool floats will do all the hard work, keeping you afloat as you play chicken fight.

I think these inflatable chickens are the coolest pool toys on Amazon. Customer reviews seem to agree. Check it out!


Forget about inflatable flamingos, unicorns, donuts, and mermaids. These inflatable pool floats just put them all to shame. I love the details. Look at those tail feathers! They're great gifts for kids who need a fun pool activity. Since they're heavy-duty, adults will be able to enjoy the inflatable chicken fight pool ride-on too. It's also a great gift idea for bachelorette parties.

It's not a pool party without a chicken fight in the pool. Get a chicken fight ride-on just in time for pool weather.

Be sure to check out Amazon for more water toys. You'll find awesome loungers, water floats, and more in stock.

This post was originally published on February 27, 2020.

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Enjoy a Rowdy Game of 'Chicken Fight' With Inflatable Chicken Pool Floats