Texas Shaped Pool
Courtesy of Cody Rogers

This Couple Celebrates Summer in the Lone Star State with Their Texas-Shaped Pool

If you thought you were a passionate resident of the great Lone Star State, maybe you should guess again. This Pasadena family installed a swimming pool behind their house in the shape of Texas. How's that for some deep love for your home state?

Cody Rogers and his wife Brittney really wanted a swimming pool (at least Brittney did), which is understandable if you've ever dealt with a Texas summer. Cody had the idea to make it in a Texas shape and the end result is amazing. The pool is incredibly impressive, coming in at 28,000 gallons of water with multiple features. Rogers made the Panhandle heated (as a hot tub extension) and West Texas has some lovely water spouts. There are also lights in the pool for nighttime, making everything glow all the way down to South Texas.

The Texas pool behind their home is easily going to make the Rogers family the coolest on the block. Rogers told WFAA that their fathers, Billy Rogers and Tommy Creek, passed along the love for the state of Texas.

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Now, this is not the only Texas-shaped pool in the state. The infinity pool on the rooftop of the Marriott Marquis Houston is the only Texas-shaped lazy river on a rooftop in the world. Passes start at a whopping $50, so it ain't cheap.

The first Texas pool though is in the Dallas suburb of Plano, dubbed the "The Texas Pool." It was built way back in 1961 when Plano was basically just ranch land. A 501c3 maintains the property of the pool and ensures it's ready for visitors all summer long. You can now visit from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

If you're a passionate Texan and were looking for a backyard project maybe consider taking a page out of Cody Rogers' book and build yourself a Texas-shaped swimming pool for some serious bragging rights. 

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