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20 Beautiful Gingerbread House Ideas We're Using as Inspiration This Year

The tradition of making and decorating gingerbread houses is widely popular in homes, especially during this holiday season. You really can't beat the smell of gingerbread during Christmas, either! Making a gingerbread house is also great way to get the kids involved in the kitchen and to be creative before the Christmas party where you show it off. Nowadays, stores sell gingerbread kits and gingerbread cookies which conveniently have all the supplies in one box if you do not wish to make everything yourself.

The idea and tradition of making a gingerbread house goes way back to bakers in Germany around the 1800s. The houses were elaborately decorated and displayed and a big part of Christmas tradition. Nowadays, there are tons of creative gingerbread houses out there. So grab your royal icing, your pretzel sticks, and your Christmas cookies.

Here's a list of 20 stunning gingerbread house ideas from Instagram to help give you a little inspiration!

1. Old School Charm

A post shared by C Ballam (@c.ballam) on

This house has beautiful old school charm complete with lampposts and Christmas decorations. I love the detail with the footprints in the snow.

2. Disney Tradition 

Only in a Disney hotel would you be able to spot this impressive Victorian styled home. This is no small gingerbread cottage, and we have to wonder. Are those candy decorations?

Santa as a gingerbread man is even sweeter. Pretty and charming!

3. Coastal Lighthouse

A post shared by Mike LaBerge (@mikelaberge) on

This lighthouse and cottage probably has picture perfect views, whether in the winter or summer. How intricate are those roof shingles? We love!

4. Life-Size Gingerbread House 

Made with 1,300 pounds of gingerbread dough, guests are able to dine in this incredible life-size gingerbread house (fireplace included) for an amazing one-of-a-kind experience located at The Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain Resort in Marana, Arizona. This one of the best gingerbread houses we've seen.

5. Washington, DC Town

A post shared by Chris Spencer (@twiztidsilver) on

This display is complete with historic sites seen at our nations capital, Washington, DC. The American flags make this look extra patriotic. I also love the quaint townhouses, which are common and found in DC and give it its special charm.

6. Pretty in Pink, Blue, and White

A simple and vintage design with a ton of Christmas spirit. Can't get over the old school car with the tree on top!

7. Gingerbread Candy Town

A post shared by Lidia Jimeno (@chef_jimeno) on

Who wouldn't love to live in this candy-filled town? This town has it all- big Christmas tree, ice skating rink and endless amounts of candy!

8. The Beast's Castle

A post shared by Alyssa Galiney (@agaliney) on

This gingerbread castle is modeled after the Beast's castle from the Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast. If you look closely, you might be able to spot the rose in one of the windows.

9. Paris, France Landmarks

A beautiful display of three famous landmarks in Paris- Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral and Arc de Triomph. Those piping skills are in point!

10. Cozy Cabin

Can I live here, please? This adorable log cabin would be an ideal place to spend Christmas this year! I'm sure there's a fireplace inside to warm up to with a nice drink or two.

11. Harry Potter Village 

For all you Harry Potter fans out there, this impressive, colorful display is replicated after Hogwarts Castle. The Hogwarts Express looks awesome, too!

12. Gingerbread Town

A post shared by Jo Inge Hjerkinn (@ljomar) on

This incredible display is the worlds largest gingerbread town located in Bergen, Norway. You'll be able to see houses, trains, ships and even a ferris wheel! Breathtaking!

13. Gingerbread Beach Hut

A post shared by Judy Redmond (@hope_for_pandora) on

Closing my eyes and picturing myself laying on the beach with a cocktail in hand right now! Wouldn't mind booking a stay at this  fun beach hut during the holidays!

14. Two-Story Gingerbread House 

Another life size gingerbread house where guests can dine for a special occasion and one in a lifetime experience. Located at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, California, this two story Victorian house stands 25 feet high and 35 feet wide and includes 10,250 gingerbread bricks! Definitely writing this down on my bucket list!

15. Gingerbread Hotel

A post shared by Bill Roll (@chefbillroll) on

This amazing gingerbread hotel is modeled after a historic inn along the Jersey Shore in Red Bank, New Jersey. The details are spot on!

16. Modern and Contemporary 

A post shared by GingerGiddy (@gingergiddy) on

I really would love to know how the inside of this modern house would look! This design is unique but still filled with holiday spirit from the wreaths. The details in the stone work are also gorgeous.

17. Teapot House

This whimsical teapot gingerbread house is different but so beautiful. Check out this video for a close look on every detail.

18. Old World Gingerbread Village

This old word village has a ton of charm and amazing details. It makes you wish you could shrink to fit into the village!

19. Gingerbread Castle 

A post shared by Bompas & Parr (@bompasandparr) on

This very detailed and beautiful gingerbread castle is fit for any royal gingerbread family! This is a replica of Castle Howard located in England and includes plenty of trees and snow for extra Christmas spirit.

20. Rustic Stone Cottage

This pretty cottage makes you want to move right in! The small 'stones' make this so rustic but I love the festive colors from the cranberries and crushed candy canes. So stunning! 

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