Our 3 Stovetop Simmering Scents Make Any House Smell Like a Home

And they're even better than a candle or three.

Have you ever gotten a phone call from friends or family that they're in your part of town and will be dropping by in 15 minutes? If so, you know the sheer panic that courses through your veins when you find out that, yes, your home is a mess and there may or may not be the slight funk of the living in the air. We have your answer in these stovetop simmering scents. If this has never happened to you, take notes.

These stovetop simmering scents can be pulled together at the very last minute, and the less thought you give it, the better it will be. Just start simmering about one to two cups of water in a small saucepan on the stove. While you wait for the water to warm, start prepping any of these ingredients of the three varieties based on your mood.

Wintery Delight

Simply combine two cups of rosemary and two cups of sage on the stovetop. You don't have to chop the herbs at all, you can instead just add them to the simmering water.

Sugar-Spun Sweet

For a sweeter scent, combine the peels of three pears and two vanilla pods. For optimal vanilla scent, slice the vanilla pod along the seam and open up before adding to the pot.

Soothing Citrus

For a cool and soothing scent, add one cup of ginger nubs, the peels of three oranges, the peels of three limes, and the peels of three lemons to the simmering pot.

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