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The 18 Actually Practical Uses for Coca-Cola Around the House

Coca-Cola, or just simply Coke, is the all-American classic carbonated drink that is widely popular in the United States and around the world. It was invented in the late 1800s by an American pharmacist named John Pemberton. Unfortunately, Pemberton died before seeing any of the commercial success of Coca-Cola. That's when a man named Asa Griggs Candler took over the business and really started marketing the popular drink. Today, the Coca-Cola brand is one of the most recognizable and popular brands of soft drinks in history, but it's not just for drinking. Do you know the uses for Coca-Cola?

Household Uses for Coca-Cola

It might sound strange, but there are a bunch of ways that you can use Coca-Cola around the house in place of those chemical-filled cleaners. Here is a list of practical uses for Coca-Cola to use up any bottles or cans that you might have lying around the house.

1. Clean your toilet bowl.

Did you know that Coca-Cola makes a really great toilet bowl cleaner? You will need about 20 ounces and you'll have to let it sit for an hour. Bet you never would've thought Coke would clean your toilet, right?

It is an effective way to remove stains and grime from the toilet bowl. Who would have even imagined soft drinks could do that! For full directions, check it out here.

2. Remove tough stains.

If you have any clothing with difficult stains, like blood stains or oil stains, try pouring in a can of Coca-Cola along with your laundry detergent into the washing machine. The phosphoric acid will help remove grease stains or any tough offender, while also acting as a deodorizer. You can even remove marker stains!

You can also apply Coca-Cola directly to a stain. For example, to remove blood, apply to the affected area, let it soak in for about 30 minutes, and throw it into the wash. You can even stain soak for up to 2 hours. Cheaper than those expensive bottles of stain remover, talk about practical uses and actual life hacks.

3. Remove charred and burnt food from your pans.

We all have those pots and pans that have those annoying burnt food particles stuck on them that are impossible to remove. To help solve this problem, pour Coke into the pot or pan and let soak for several hours until the food releases.

You can use a plastic scraper, scrubber, or sponge to get rid of every last bit. After scrubbing away, wash with dish soap and warm water. Nothing better than perfectly clean pots and pans from some unusual uses of Coke.

4. Easily remove cooking grease.

Pots and pans are also known to stay greasy, even though you've probably tried cleaning it over a hundred times with soap and really hot water, it still doesn't seem to work! It's a frustrating problem, and I think we all have that one pot or pan.

Try adding Coca-Cola to the greasy pan and let it sit on a burner over low heat for about 30 minutes. Wash afterward with dish soap and warm water. The end of that liter bottle hanging around has a good use, after all. 

5. Remove rust from tools.

If you have any hardware items around the house that are rusty, try submerging them in a small bowl of Coke and leaving for 24 hours, or longer if needed. Once the items are done soaking, remove them and scrub with a nonmetal scrubbing pad. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry. This can take a few days to work, but it is still effective! For full directions, check it out here

This also works if there is a rusty bolt or nail in the floor or on a door that you want to take out. Pour some Coke on a cloth or directly on the spot and rub in a circular motion. This helps to remove the rust so it loosens up easily. You can also apply it to metal furniture for the same effect.

6. Defrost an icy windshield.

It can be a drag to have to heat up your car and wait for the ice to melt in the winter, especially when you are in a rush to get to work or school.

Instead, try pouring a can of Coke over the windshield, and immediately the ice will turn into slush, which will make your windshield clear up in no time. It's a little messy but great for when you're in a hurry!

7. Clean your windows.

cleaning the mirror with green cloth.

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Has it been a while since you've cleaned your windows? I usually forget to do this, mainly because it's hard to find a really good window cleaner that leaves windows clear and streak-free!

Since Coca-Cola contains citric acid, it's a great alternative to those lemon cleaning products. You can pour the soda into a spray bottle and wipe it with a clean rag or cloth. Finish off by wiping down with warm water so your windows aren't left sticky. You can also use this method when cleaning mirrors!

8. Clean tile grout.

If you're like me and you really don't like the stained grout on your tile floors or tiles in the shower, (I'm convinced those commercial products do not work!) try using Coke to remove those dark stains and grime build-up.

Damp a cloth or use a clean toothbrush and dip into Coca-Cola and wet the grout. You can allow it to sit for a few minutes before scrubbing and the acid in the soda will break down the stains and grime. Just make sure to wipe clean the area with soap and water to avoid any sticky residue. Repeat these steps if necessary.

9. Clean driveway and garage stains.

If you accidentally spilled oil on your driveway or garage floor, try getting rid of the stain by pouring Coca-Cola over it and letting it sit overnight.

The next day, hose off with water and the stain should be gone for good! What a quick cure.

10. Remove marker stains on the carpet.

This is a problem that's especially common if you have little kids around the house and they like to color on the floor! Try pouring a little Coke on the marker stain and scrub with a rag or toothbrush.

Make sure to finish off by cleaning with soapy water. This works best on a carpet that's darker in color.

11. Acts as a slug pesticide and pest control.

Snail Invasion on the salad garden

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If you have a garden that you work hard to take care of, but can't keep those pesky slugs and snails away, using Coca-Cola can help you out. Pour into a bowl and leave outside overnight to help your azaleas.

While it will kill slugs that slither into the bowl, it will mostly draw attention away from your beautiful plants for good.

12. Clean your glasses.

If you have glasses that are looking pretty smudgy and dirty, try wiping them down with a rag dipped in Coca-Cola according to the Krazy Coupon Lady.

Be sure to rinse them immediately underwater and dry them with a clean towel. Nothing better than clear, clean glasses!

13. Remove rust and mildew from the bathroom.

If you notice your bathtub and sink looking stained, rusty, or filled with mildew, try using Coca-Cola to solve the problem. This method works almost the same way as cleaning your toilet bowl. When it comes to uses for Coca-Cola, let it soak always.

Soak the tub or sink with Coca-Cola and let it sit for about an hour. After, scrub away with a sponge. You'll get a nice arm workout, too! Make sure to rinse with warm water and soap afterward so it doesn't get sticky.

14. Fight nausea.

Flat Coke does wonders for an upset stomach, and is actually one of the best ways to combat nausea, especially when you're in public. Simply stir with a spoon until the bubbles stop rising to the top, and sip away.

15. Neutralize a jellyfish sting

Use coke to neutralize the acidity from pesky jellyfish stings! The fizzy soda also works for skunk odors!

16. Remove Gum

Remove the stickiness of gum from hair with a treatment of Coca-Cola.

17. Use it in your compost pile

Compost bin with organic waste in the garden next to the stone wall. Organic farming and healthy lifestyle concept

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Coke really does speed up the composting process! The sugar attracts microorganisms, which then the acid in the soda helps break down. Pretty cool, huh?

18. Clean Car Battery Terminals

It'll get rid of most battery corrosion.

Do you have any odd uses for Coca-Cola around your house other than using it as a marinade or baking Coca-Cola cake?

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