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Mini Gingerbread Houses Are the Sweetest Holiday Trend to Make at Home

The holiday season is here and with it are some adorable new trends that we can't wait to try out. There's nothing cozier than cuddling up with a steaming mug of hot chocolate on a cool winter night surrounded by family, especially if you're making our favorite Red Wine Hot Chocolate or Peppermint Hot Chocolate. While perusing Pinterest for some new ideas on how to bring the holiday spirit into your kitchen, we spotted this sweet trend in more than a few places. Y'all, this is the year you top those delicious mugs of hot chocolate with mini gingerbread houses.

While a gingerbread cookie is best dipped in a steaming mug of something, these mini gingerbread recipes are just like creating one giant gingerbread house. Of course everything is cuter in miniature form and these are no different. So grab your cookie cutter, your trusty royal icing recipe, brown sugar, and a baking sheet because these little gingerbread houses are the sweetest cookie houses we've seen.

How to Make Mini Gingerbread Houses

Step away from the boring Christmas cookies because once you make these sweet homes with a piping bag and some practice, you might never make regular ol' sugar cookies again. Or, even better, perhaps you'll make them with sugar cookie dough. This tutorial from Not Martha is the one swear by.

Just remember that parchment paper is a necessity for smooth baking, especially the mini pieces of gingerbread house cookie. Christmas treats were never as cozy and tidy as these miniature gingerbread houses.

The house pieces in this tutorial from Honestly Yum are delightfully decorated with a pastry bag for precision. Don't be afraid to mix up the gingerbread recipe, either. If you want to add a dash more vanilla extract, you should! When it comes to Christmas recipes, nothing is more iconic than a family gingerbread cookie recipe, written on recipe notes.

Whether you're throwing a holiday party this year or your family is simply stopping by to celebrate Christmas, consider making a batch of these little houses to go right on top.

Need Some Inspiration?

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Don't Want to Make Them?

If you don't want to go through the trouble of crafting them yourself, you can actually find packages of these mini gingerbread houses around.

These quaint houses can either come on a string to use as a decoration or table favors, or can sit on your mug all the same! Find them on Etsy here.

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