The New White Pepsi Tastes Like Christmas Cake in a Bottle

It's impossible to forget Crystal Pepsi. It made waves when Pepsi first introduced it during my childhood, and then again in 2015 when they brought it back to life.  While no one here in America has accepted it with wide, open arms, Pepsi's special-releases have been overwhelmingly popular in the Japanese market. It's not surprising that they would release a holiday special to reward their faithful followers, and you will never believe what the newest white Pepsi tastes like.

Cake. Sweet, tangy, Christmas cake. The November 21st release of Pepsi Christmas Cola will only be available in Japan, where odd flavored Pepsi is a completely accepted part of normal life. This new White Pepsi is more than just the newest rendition of crystal clear Pepsi - it's designed to taste like the popular Japanese Christmas cake, a strawberry shortcake covered in frosty whipped cream.



The newest flavor from Pepsi-Cola attempts to recreate the flavors in that dessert - according to this press release, the Pepsi white cake's sugary sweetness shines through sweet-and-sour tart strawberries. While we might only think of cream soda when it comes to sweet pop, this Pepsi Christmas cola sounds like it would be interesting to try.

Of course, regular Pepsi is just never enough. The soda has many fans across the world, like Canada, India, Mexico, Australia, Russia, Italy, Poland, Singapore, Malaysia, India, and Korea. And each region of the world has seen some special flavors and Pepsi twists released over the years, including this new white cola.

Japan Loves Pepsi Flavors

This type of unusual flavor might seem odd to us here in America, but in Japan these flavors are commonplace, like Pepsi Pink, Pepsi Gold, and Pepsi Red. Other Japan-only releases include Black Lemon, Salty Watermelon, and Red-Bean Flavored Azuki. They celebrated Halloween with the mystery flavor "Ghost" (which actually had 14 different flavors), and summertime saw the debut of the bright-green Pepsi Ice Cucumber. America does get its own release with the limited-edition Salted Caramel flavor.

The festive looking bottle features reindeers, Christmas trees, and snowmen amongst other super wintery designed motifs. Pepsi specifically designed the red and white color scheme to make it feel like Christmas as you drink. Or, so they say; if only I could get my hands on some to test that theory!). The drink is only available in Japan and  is slated to release on November 21st.

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