Pair 10 Popular Leftover Halloween Candies with Wine Using This Guide

Don't worry: you're not the only one with a house full of leftover Halloween candy. Between the candies I bought to pass out to the neighborhood and the treats my family brought home, I'm flush for weeks. All I can think about is how I'm going to get rid of it!

Luckily my friends over at Vivino have a plan. They came to the rescue with this wine pairing chart. Can you say Twizzlers and Rosé? Kit Kat and Pinot Noir? 3 Musketeers and Chenin Blanc? Yes, yes, and yes, please!

The Best Leftover Halloween Candy and Wine Pairings

It makes total sense when you think about it. Take the Kit Kat and Pinot Noir pairing, for example. The milk chocolate from the wafer candy pairs perfectly with terroir-driven wines from Sonoma Coast or Burgundy. You'll taste the earthy complexity in the Pinot Noir with every crunchy bite.

And how could you hate on the pure, chocolatey goodness of Hershey's paired with a Syrah's full-bodied texture and nuanced black pepper notes? The red has enough presence to punch through the rich chocolate, ending with that milky, creamy cocoa flavor accentuated by the wine's dark, fruity flavors.

Skipping over to whites, if you're not drinking Chenin Blanc then you're missing out. This wine has a silky texture with a light, bubbly effervescent mouthfeel. How perfect is that with chocolate covered nougat! The wine's natural sweetness and light aftertaste will have you swearing it's a completely natural pairing with a candy bar.

Finally, why not pair a dessert wine with dessert? Vin Santo is a lesser-known Italian wine, but it's totally worth it to seek this one out. Twix's chocolate will get your palate ready for the wine's rich toasted nut-and-honey elements. You'll find the wine won't overpower (nor will it be overwhelmed) by the Twix bar's caramel-cookie flavors.

While this may be the first time I've paired wine with candy, this certainly isn't the first time Vivano has bailed me out. Their Wine Explorer has become completely essential for picking out dinner party wines and the most incredible housewarming gifts.

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