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Le Creuset Channels Iconic Disney Movie in Second Collaboration Line

Back in February, Le Creuset asked us to be their guest with Belle. Not catching the reference? The live-action Beauty and the Beast came out in March of this year. Just before that, Williams-Sonoma and Disney released a special edition, movie-themed soup pot. Topped with roses and an engraved handle that reads "Be Our Guest," the pot is beautiful. The first rendition was blue, and a second, yellow pot came out a few months ago. With the success of both Beauty and the Beast pots, Le Creuset is releasing one more limited-edition Disney line for Disney fans.

The new set is in honor of the 80th anniversary of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Are you feeling a little happy about this news? We don't blame you for feeling happy or even a bit dopey. We're ecstatic. (Now that we think of it, though, there wasn't a dwarf named Ecstatic. We digress.)

The cookware brand created an apple-shaped cocette and cast-iron pot as part of this special Disney collaboration created with Snow White charm. In fact, the two sets even come with a Snow White charm and a themed tea towel. The bright red color mimics a bouquet of red roses, and the Dutch oven shape means it's just as functional as it noteworthy with the apple stem lid.

You'll be able to purchase the two different limited-edition sets this time around, and they go on sale Friday, November 17. Head to Le Creuset or Saks Fifth Avenue to get your hands on the giant, apple-themed cocotte or a smaller, less fruit-like version.


The smaller one is vibrant red in color and looks a bit like an apple, but the larger one has a handle that truly resembles an apple's stem. That said, the bigger cocotte costs $230. The smaller is just $55. Either way, you'll be investing in a reliable and unique piece of Le Creuset cookware.

This also makes the perfect holiday gift for the real Disney fan in your life, one who considers good cookware to be the equivalent of Prince Charming.

Looking for more than just some themed stoneware? Saks has holiday windows every year, and if you haven't made a trip to NYC to see them you should.

This year, they'll pay homage to Snow White. The Disney princess herself is said to be making a guest appearance or two, too, along with Dopey and the prince.

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