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'Yellowstone' Star Piper Perabo Teases 'Trouble' in Midseason Finale

Attention Yellowstone Season 5 viewers: Piper Perabo (a.k.a. environmental activist Summer Higgins) has revealed that the show's midseason finale, airing Sunday, Jan. 1st, ends on a cliffhanger. "I'm nervous," the actress admitted to TV Insider, noting that the remainder of the season has been kept tightly under wraps. Perabo was careful not to say too much about the upcoming Episode 8, but, reading between the lines, it looks like the season will go out (albeit temporarily) with a bang.

"There's a lot coming. Things are on the move. I can't wait to get back to the back half just because I want to know what happens," Perabo told TV Insider. "I personally only know what happens up to the midseason finale up to that last second, and I don't know what happens when we come back."

Indeed, the second half of Season 5 doesn't have an official air date yet, so there's no telling when the series will return after the midseason finale. (Here's everything we know about part 2 of the 14-episode season.)

The most recent episode, "The Dream Is Not Me," saw Jamie (Wes Bentley) preparing to impeach his adoptive father, Governor John Dutton (Kevin Costner). But Jamie's political machinations may be the least of his worries. According to Perabo, the estranged Dutton's new romance with Sarah (Dawn Olivieri) spells disaster.

"I think Wes is such a good actor and so fun, and I love that he continues to be — no matter how much John includes him — the thorn in his side," said Perabo. "And this relationship that he's getting into [with Sarah] is so much trouble — so much trouble."

Yellowstone mastermind Taylor Sheridan is no stranger to explosive season finales, cliffhangers and twist endings. Perabo cited Season 3's massive Duttons-under-fire finale that saw John shot and Beth's office detonated.

"I wasn't on the show yet, and I was watching it like, 'Wait, how long do we have to wait until the beginning of Season 4?'" Perabo said. "And it was so long. I feel that way every time there's an end of a chunk of Yellowstone. I'm like, wait, what? It's gonna be that way again, I think."

Sheridan isn't one to keep viewers totally in the dark, though. In the Dutton-verse, there's always a trail of breadcrumbs to follow. For Perabo, that trail leads right to the impeachment proceedings.

"I think you can tell that things are going really south because [the seventh] episode doesn't end at the fair; it ends with [Jamie] practicing that speech. And Taylor's very good — if you're paying attention, he's telling you where the trouble's coming from. I think the fact that he ends with that scene is, for those paying attention, he's showing you."

We'll know soon enough: the Yellowstone midseason finale airs Sunday, Jan. 1 at 7 p.m. CT / 8 p.m. ET on the Paramount Network.

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