Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton

'Yellowstone' Fans Aren't Happy With Beth's Behavior in Season 5

Yellowstone's Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) has always been something of a polarizing figure. Love her or hate her, this ruthless, former cutthroat businesswoman will do just about anything to keep her family and the ranch they own safe. But that doesn't mean she's a character everyone can appreciate — or want to.

We know Beth has always been a prickly character, and someone that doesn't always act rationally or even kindly to others. But she's also the fiery, independent spirit that forms the backbone of Yellowstone in several ways. It seems, however, that as of Yellowstone Season 5, Beth has been erring a bit more toward the unlikeable spectrum. Between her unsavory behavior toward a woman who dares come on to Rip and her continued scorn toward Jamie, it's hard to see the silver lining when it comes to the Duttons' eldest daughter. Now, social media and Reddit threads have some fans asking whether the former fan favorite is becoming increasingly hard to root for.

So, that begs the question: is Beth eligible for redemption after all of the horrible things she's done in turn to others? Can she grow as a character with her own happy ending when she continues to work against others finding theirs? Let's take a look at what's happened — and be forewarned, spoilers will follow.

Beth's Unsavory Behavior in Season 5

Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton


Beth has had her fair share of scuffles throughout Yellowstone, but Season 5 has seen her really starting to act out in an even wilder fashion, despite her blossoming relationship with Rip. In Season 5, Episode 3, "Tall Drink of Water", we see just how feral she can really get if she even gets a whiff of someone flirting with her man.

Beth started a bar fight with a young woman who was flirting with Rip, going so far as to break a bottle on her head. The young woman, Hailey Brewer (Ashley Platz), decided to press charges and this led to Beth being arrested and taken to jail, leaving Rip more than a little flustered and embarrassed after trying to call Beth off and keep her from getting into the brawl. This has only been the tip of the iceberg, however, as it seems Beth's typically cold and often rude behavior has been leading up to situations like this.

Though Beth has gotten into trouble so many times before, this really felt like a crossroads — is she going down a path of no return? Is there really no saving her from herself this time around? To understand more about whether this could be happening, we have to, of course, take a look at her relationship with her brother Jamie. It's a fractured one, to be clear, and one that could be both's eventual undoing.

Beth Dutton and Jamie Dutton's Relationship

Beth and Jamie Dutton


So, Beth hasn't acted like the model daughter over the years at all, especially recently. It probably won't come as a surprise that Beth has it out for her brother Jamie (Wes Bentley). She doesn't trust her brother, sure, and they have differing ideologies about morals, values, and all of the things that comprise someone's personality. But the real reason behind Beth's vicious hatred toward Jamie is because he's the reason she can't have her own biological children.

When teenage Beth found herself pregnant with Rip Wheeler's (Cole Hauser) baby, she begged her brother for help. Jamie took her to an abortion clinic at the Native American Reservation, which included permanent sterilization as a part of the abortion procedure. Jamie knew this, and allowed Beth to go through the procedure, though he always believed it was in his sister's best interests — and it protected Rip as well. Not to mention it kept John Dutton (Kevin Costner) out of the loop, which was always a concern.

As a result, Jamie is often confused as to why his sister turns her seemingly blind rage toward him. In his eyes, he hasn't done anything wrong. But Beth has to suffer the consequences of Jamie's actions her entire life — not to mention Jamie has betrayed the family again and again. Beth's hardcore love for her father makes it difficult for her to accept Jamie because she wants to please John above anyone else.

With Jamie already being an adopted part of the Dutton family, it's not been difficult for Beth to go the extra mile and consider him "dead" to her, almost, as they aren't of the same bloodline, and with all the ways Jamie has already disappointed the family, including his decision to step down from running for attorney general, what he did to Beth is just another bit of anger to add to the pile.

Season 5 has only amplified the hatred between the siblings, and given Beth more ways to seem like the villain of the story in some ways. When Beth is taken to jail, Jamie tells her she really has "no way out" this time, and that her being arrested is an "embarrassment" for their father. Beth takes that chance to remind Jamie that John isn't his father, but that his is "out of chances to be embarrassed."

But the drama between them is only amplified as an extremely hurt Beth ends up finding out a secret she wishes she never had: Jamie has a secret child. And she's now vowing to have this child taken from him, an act she immediately tries to execute. Is ruining Jamie's family life the only way to get him back for doing something he actually thought was best for Beth in the long run? Not to mention he seriously regrets it as an adult. With the hate she consistently spews, even when Jamie has stepped up to help her, it's hard to give Beth the benefit of the doubt.

Is Beth Beyond Redemption?

Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler


It's rather subjective if Beth has become more unlikeable than ever in Season 5, but she certainly isn't doing herself any favors. She has a shot at true redemption for her character, and the happiness she feels she's been robbed of through her relationship with Rip. But will she end up taking it? Will she ever become less of a riptide and more of the happy wife she wanted to be — albeit one without her own children? She does have Carter...though she's made it perfectly clear that she technically isn't his new mother.

It's hard to say. With the pair marrying in Season 4, it seemed like Beth was turning a new leaf — at least, as much as Beth could, anyway. She was still up to no good, largely being the same character we already knew, but as Rip's wife, it seemed like he could be a good influence on her. Unfortunately, that hasn't seemed to be the case at all just yet, even despite the pair's romantic overtures to each other.

But there's still plenty of a season left for Beth to better herself. Even having gone to jail, she's still not too far gone that there isn't anything left to save. She may also have painted herself into an unsavory place, but that doesn't mean there's not something in there to like. We'll have to wait out Season 5 and see what happens — everyone deserves a second chance, and it's time for Beth to take her third. Or fourth. Or fifth.

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