Finn Little as Carter on 'Yellowstone'

Is Carter on 'Yellowstone' Played By The Same Actor? Finn Little Looks Quite Different in Season 5

Yellowstone is definitely getting the recognition it deserves after millions of viewers continue to tune in season after season. The beloved western drama continues to get more popular, and series creator Taylor Sheridan continues to introduce exciting new characters to keep the series fresh as it goes on. Season four brought the addition of some interesting new faces, including Piper Perabo, Jacki Weaver, and Finn Little. It was an emotional storyline when Beth Dutton decided to take in a teenage orphan named Carter (Little), who was reminiscent of a young Rip Wheeler. He quickly became a fan-favorite as he started adjusting to life on the Yellowstone Ranch and slowly became a part of Beth and Rip's family (in a way). But when Yellowstone season 5 premiered, fans had a lot of questions when it came to Carter. For starters, was this even the same actor?

Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief because Finn Little was not replaced in his role. He just went through a serious growth spurt. Somehow between filming the two seasons, he went from a child actor into a teenager who literally looks like he's nearly old enough to buy his own beer. Fans quickly took to social media to joke about how different he looked in such a short period of time, especially compared to Brecken Merrill, another young male actor on the series who plays Tate Dutton. Even Cole Hauser joked about how different Little's appearance was when he showed up to film season 5.

"Yeah, he went from, like, a little pudgy kid to all of the sudden lean and tall, and I think he's 6-foot-1," Hauser told ET. "He came in this year and he looked at me and he's like, 'You ain't gonna f**k with me this year, Cole.'"

Who is Finn Little?

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The young actor was born in Brisbane, Australia and despite only being 16 years old, has quite an impressive resume. Little has been featured in popular Netflix series, including Tidelands, portraying Gilles, and was a recruiting character in The Reckoning.

Not to mention, this isn't the first time Little has worked with Taylor Sheridan. The actor played Connor in Those Who Wish Me Dead, a film produced and directed by Sheridan himself. Similar to Yellowstone, the film was set in Montana with Little co-starring opposite Angelina Jolie in a thriller that had him escaping his father's enemies as well as trying to survive an unexpected forest fire. If you like Yellowstone, it's definitely worth the watch.

But at this point in his career, Fin Little is most likely going to be most recognizable to fans for the work he's done and continues to do on Yellowstone. He's proven to be a worthwhile addition to the cast, and it would be hard to imagine the ranch without him.

Carter on Yellowstone

Finn Little as Carter in 'Yellowstone'

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Finn Little was season four's fresh face, playing Carter, who some have compared to a mini Rip Wheeler. It's hard not to since their stories share such similarities. The new character quickly became a fan-favorite after he was taken in by the Dutton family, all thanks to Beth. She took him back to the home she shared with Rip Wheeler after Carter lost his father and was getting in trouble with the police. They formed an unexpected connection at the hospital where they met, and though Beth made it abundantly clear that she wouldn't be his mother, Carter found a new home in the only way Beth knew how to provide it. So far, it seems like it's working out for everyone. And it's been interesting watching Carter try to embrace his new cowboy way of life.

"It was fun working with real cowboys because it's a show about cowboys, but it's nice to have real cowboys as they know what they're doing, and they know the proper ways to do stuff," Little said. "I've really enjoyed every minute of it, and it feels nice to be a part of something big."

The side-by-side comparison of Little's growth between the two seasons (pictured above) is a bit shocking. Even Little himself recognized how different he looked between filming the seasons and nodded to it in an Instagram post back in May, joking that even the Yellowstone crew didn't recognize him when he got to set. "When you say, 'hi, nice to see you!' to the film crew and they don't know who you are!'"

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