yellowstone season 5 episode 4

'Yellowstone' Recap: John Dutton Meets a New Adversary

Warning: spoilers ahead for season four of Yellowstone. 

Episode five of Yellowstone season four continues to bring the drama. The Duttons are still fighting for their family in a battle against multiple adversaries. "Under A Blanket of Red" shows each member of the Dutton family dealing with their own personal struggles. Jamie (Wes Bentley) gets official confirmation from Deer Lodge prisoner Terrell Riggins that his birth father, Garrett Randall (Will Patton), was behind the attack on the Duttons. Beth (Kelly Reilly) continues to get in deeper with Market Equities and seeks revenge. Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) continues to suffer the consequences of his fight with Walker, and Monica, Kayce, and Tate are looking to heal by relocating back to Broken Rock Reservation.

Read on for our six main takeaways from episode five of Yellowstone.

1. John meets Summer Higgins

yellowstone season 5 episode 4


Kayce walks into quite a scene outside of the Montana Livestock Association where new character Summer Higgins (Piper Perabo) is leading a massive protest. As John notes, the timing is very interesting. "We're here protesting the existence of a state sponsored police force that protects industrialized animal farming and the mass murder of millions of animals every year," Summer tells John after he shows up to help deal with the situation. Despite the fact that John encourages Kayce to press charges on Summer, he bails her out of jail and offers to show her his ranch so that she can understand his perspective. She agrees (who wouldn't) and we last see them in his car driving through his miles and miles of land. Based on the scenes from next week it looks like they might become...close.

2. Monica settles into life back on Broken Rock

Monica happily accepted Kayce's suggestion last episode that they move back to Broken Rock to give Tate some time to recover from his trauma from shooting a man at the beginning of the season. Chief Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) and Mo Brings Plenty (Mo Brings Plenty) take Tate into a sweat lodge to help him process everything he went through. Rainwater assures Monica that when they're done with him he won't feel like a killer. He'll feel like a warrior...just like her. He, no doubt, is referencing her bravery from last season where she voluntarily went undercover to help catch a murderer on the reservation. We're hoping to see more of Monica in future episodes.

3. We meet new characters at 6666

yellowstone season 5 episode 4


Jimmy traveled down to the 6666 in Texas, where he hopefully will learn how to be a cowboy. While we're seriously excited for the new spinoff, it seems that we got a brief preview of what's to come. 93-year-old renowned horse trainer Buster Welch played himself alongside the legendary Barry Corbin. While we still have no idea what Jimmy will be doing down in Texas and what his time down there means for his future on Yellowstone, it seems like creator Taylor Sheridan has some exciting actors that will be bringing the historic Texas ranch to life.

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4. There's still tension in the bunkhouse

More specifically, Lloyd is still in the doghouse after last week's fight with Walker. Rip continues to publicly punish him by making him do chores around the ranch, teaching Carter how to saddle a horse, and even taking away his colt and making him ride a mare. Poor Lloyd just doesn't catch a break, but continues to do his job just the same, despite sending Walker and Laramie some seriously heated looks (can you blame him?). The tension is so high that even John notices how things have shifted between Rip and Lloyd. He advises Rip, "Whatever he did, don't forget who he is to you, to both of us." Rip promptly says, "Who he is to us, Sir, is the reason why he's still walking." Hopefully, this is a short-lived punishment for Lloyd, because I hate seeing him so miserable.

5. Beth sticks it to Bob

In an interesting twist, Beth decides to accept the position that Market Equities new CEO Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver) offered her. Her terms were met in that Caroline gave her Market Equities' shares in Beth's former company Schwarz & Meyer. Typical Beth always has a plan and she decided to take the job in order to get back at Schwartz & Meyer partner Bob Schwartz (Michael Nouri) who screwed her over at the beginning of the season. She even drove seven hours out of her way to drop the news on Bob in person and...promptly fire him, of course. My only question is what's next now that Bob is out of the way? Knowing Beth, it's anyone's guess.

6. We meet Jamie's love child

Just when Jamie is about to confront his father about the hit he placed on the Duttons, he returns home to find his former girlfriend and campaign manager, Christina (Katherine Cunningham) with his child in tow. "You got away from him. You got the job you deserve. You did everything you said you would do. Now I keep my word," she says as she hands him his baby. Talk about a bombshell. This puts Jamie in an interesting spot dividing his loyalties between John Dutton, his birth father, and now, his child. Jamie is such a complicated character, so who knows what this new change will do to him...honestly, I can't wait to see because I've waited a season and a half for this baby to finally show up.

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