Wall Christmas Trees
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Wall Christmas Trees: For Minimalists & Homes With Curious Toddlers & Pets

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It may hurt to leave traditions behind, but as long as you have a spare wall, there's enough room to still put up your six-foot-tall tree and a wall Christmas tree. So, what's up with wall Christmas trees? For some, it's appealing, so babies and pets stay out of ornaments. They're also great for small spaces, such as studios and dorms. And for some, it's an excuse for an extra tree in the house. Either way, I'm all for seeing these trendy pieces in homes.

These might just look like "half Christmas trees" for some, but to me, they're better than the ones that stand on the floor if you're looking to keep babies and fur babies away from them. Some of these trees will need to be mounted to walls, and some adhesive options just need to stick onto the wall. So whether you need to ditch your traditional tree to create more space or stick a Christmas tree decoration to your classroom wall, we've got you covered.

We rounded up three options that are perfect for your needs and budget.

Best Minimal Wall Mounted Christmas Tree

1. GATXVG Mini Artificial Christmas Wall Hang Tree

Consider this wall decor instead of a traditional Christmas tree if you need to save floor space or keep a tree off the floor. The entire setup is 9.84 x 5.91 x 6.69 inches and weighs about a pound!

It's perfect for minimalists this holiday season. It has enough greenery and Christmas ornaments to add a little holiday cheer without the Christmas skirts, tinsel, and more. Simple and out of the way!

You can grab this holiday decor piece for under $40.

Best Wall Tree for Kids

2. Aytai DIY Felt Christmas Tree Set with Ornaments for Kids

This $18 felt tree is a fantastic centerpiece for children's rooms, classrooms, game rooms, or anywhere a toddler might be!

Little ones are so fascinated by string lights and ornaments, so it can be tough to keep them away from your real tree. Give the traditional Christmas tree another try when they have a better understanding of why playing with ornaments can be dangerous!

This tree has kid-safe detachable ornaments, making this a great pick for kiddos. It's a fun activity to level up your child's motor skills and color recognition.

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Best Hanging Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

3. Pre-Decorated Wall Hanging Christmas Tree

This $40 tree looks a bit more traditional or like a "full tree" compared to the options above. It's approximately 41"H x 25"W. The hanging tree has evergreen branches that are decorated with mini ornaments and felt bows.

You can even add more decor if you love multicolor lights, pinecones, and more.

There are also optional Christmas lights to plug into any wall outlet. Many customers are happy with this tree. Check out these lovely reviews.