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5 Top-Rated Baby Toys for Car Rides To Keep Little Ones Busy

If you have a little one, you know that car rides can sometimes be super difficult, as can other travel, especially if your baby is in a rear-facing car seat. These car seat toys and other baby toys for car rides from Amazon are perfect for keeping your baby's attention while also helping them learn fine motor skills and allowing them to explore different textures.

Giving your child a travel activity, whether it's a stroller toy or an infant car seat toy, can give them something to focus on while you focus on the walk or the drive. No more playing peek-a-boo while you navigate traffic, these hanging toys can attach directly to your baby's car seat for a perfect way to keep them engaged while you do other things!

Best Baby Toys For Car Rides And Strollers

1. Manhattan Toy Mini-Apple Farm Orange Baby Travel Toy with Rattle, Squeaker, Crinkle Fabric & Teether Clip-on Attachment

This adorable orange baby travel toy with crinkle, rattle and squeaking sounds will foster cause-and-effect learning. The C-clip ring can attach to a stroller arch or car seat and doubles as a teething toy. This sensory toy is perfect for keeping in the diaper bag for any situation!

2. Infantino Spiral Activity Toy

With bright colors and different textures, this Infantino toy is one of the best car seat or stroller toys for your child. The different attachments give them plenty of things to focus on during a road trip or even during tummy time on a playmat.

3. LAMAZE Clip & Go Flannery The Fox Stuffed Animal with Stroller Clip for Sensory Play

This Lamaze fox toy is full of bright colors, interesting textures, and different sounds like a crinkle and a squeaker. It's perfect for hanging on your headrest while your baby is in the backseat or attaching to the baby stroller while you're out to eat or for a walk.

4. Baby Einstein Activity Arms Octopus Stroller or Carrier Plush Toy and Teething Ring, 7"

This plush toy and teething ring combination is perfect for any child. The bungee legs feature several different things for your baby to focus on, including a sand dollar texture toy, bead chaser with two rings and one star, and a double-sided mirror and fish photo.

5. BeeSpring Kid Baby Crib Cot Pram Hanging Rattles Spiral Stroller Car Seat Toy

This is one of the best toys for the car for little ones, according to Amazon, it's a best-seller! This hanging toy can attach to a crib, stroller, or car seat to keep your baby's attention and give them something to focus on.

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