6 Cute Fanny Packs for Festivals, Hiking + More


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The last thing you want to do when you either attend a concert, festival, or go hiking, is to worry about where your stuff is at all times. If you're anything like me, you like to enjoy watching the stage hands-free, maybe with a beer in hand, and not worried about whether your items are going to be stolen or lost.

Which is why handy dandy fanny packs exist, and I'm here to help you find the perfect one for you. Let's face it, fanny packs are the perfect accessory since your belongings pretty much stay on your body at all times. What's best is that they come with several zippered pockets to keep all the essentials you need in there. It's like a small backpack that will never leave your side. Here are some of the best fanny packs I definitely recommend!

1. Oasis Crossbody Bag

This Oasis Crossbody bag is perfect for festivals since it has stash pockets to keep your valuables close and safe. This bag can be styled like a shoulder bag by using adjustable straps to tighten it to your liking. The main compartment has a zip fasting and has a back stash pocket made out of polyester material. It's definitely a fashion statement that everyone will be envious of! Sling bags for the win.


2. DALIX Women's 7" Fanny Pack Travel Pouch Waist Wallet Bag Hot Pink

Do you want a little bit of color in your life? Look no more, this is the perfect fanny pack for you. Not only is this convenient, but it is very lightweight and has three pockets total. There are two small compartments in the front and one main compartment in the back. The best part about this is that the rear pocket protects from people stealing from you since it will go against your body. This also has an adjustable belt waist strap making it the perfect hip pack.

3. Outdoor Products Mojave 3.5 Ltr Fanny Pack Waistpack with 2 Bottles, Blue, Unisex, Polyester, Regular

Calling all hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, this waist pack is the perfect one for you. The Outdoor Products H2O high-quality bag is a great sporty waist pack that can be used during any sporting adventure. It features a front pocket for keeping small items accessible and a large main compartment with dual zippers that allows you to store things safely. The back also includes BPA squeezable 600ml Sports bottles, which fit right at each side of the fanny pack. The insulated sleeves are set to keep the water bottles cold and have an elastic cord to secure the bottles in place.

4. Kapmore Running Belt Waist Pack Water Resistant Fanny Pack Reflective Runners Belt Pouch for Fitness Jogging Workout Cycling

If you want something more discreet and secure to make sure all your items stay safe, this Kapmore Running Belt Waist Pack is a perfect way to go. Not only is it very accessible but it is actually waterproof and has a durable running belt. The running belt has a high elastic belt that can be adjusted to any size. The side pockets are also designed for you to keep your phones, cash, keys, sunscreen or other necessary items. What's good about this hip bag is that it is made out of breathable material that keeps your body cool at all times

5. DALIX 3 Pocket Fanny Pack Money Pouch Concealer Runners Bag Waist Belt in Aqua



If you're looking for something minimalist, then the Dalix 3 pocket fanny pack is definitely the one for you. Coming in different colors, this is great for outdoors or any sporting event or festival. The fanny pack has three pockets in one main compartment that allows you to conceal and keep your item safe as well. The snaps around the waist easily with a buckle for easy removal. It's really the perfect accessory to have when you are going to be walking around for hours.

6. 2 Pack Clear Black Anti-Theft 3-Zipper PVC Fanny Pack with Black Trim for Music Festivals & Raves


Last but not least, this waterproof fanny pack is definitely my favorite out of this pack. One, because it's cute of course, and two, because it is see-through and it's perfect for music festivals and raves. We all know that festival security can be sometimes very tedious, which is why having a transparent fanny pack will allow for security to let you in easier since they can see what's inside your bag. The outer pocket is perfect for small items such as makeup, lip balm, credit cards or your ID.

So which fanny pack are you getting to enjoy your festival in peace? I know which one I'm getting!


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