Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel Monroe in episode 512 of Virgin River

'Virgin River' Season 5, Part 2 Recap + Season 6 Predictions: The Best and Worst Christmas Ever

Christmas babies and bad news for Brady.

"Virgin River" Christmas is finally here, and with it comes a couple twin boys five seasons in the making, Mel's (Alexandra Breckenridge) alive-and-well biological father and more bad news Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth). Season 5, Part 2 of the hit Netflix drama premiered Nov. 30 with its first-ever holiday special. But don't let all that tinsel and rustic wintry charm fool you: The episodes dropped more than a few truth bombs on our favorite little town. Read on for a rundown of everything you might have missed in the surprisingly consequential "Virgin River" Season 5 finale, plus our predictions for where the show is headed in Season 6 and beyond.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the "Virgin River" Season 5 finale.

Before we get into the juiciest dramas introduced in Episodes 11-12, it's worth checking in on some of the more quaint happenings about town. After their devastating loss in Season 5, Part 1, Mel and Jack (Martin Henderson) have found their footing: They're still renovating the farmhouse and mulling over becoming parents someday, somehow. Mel even asked Doc (Tim Matheson) to walk her down the aisle when they eventually tie the knot.

Elsewhere, Hope (Annette O'Toole) and Doc decide to renew their vows before he undergoes clinical trials to save his eyesight, and Muriel (Teryl Rothery) offers Cameron (Mark Ghanimé) an out in case he wants to have children with his ex-fiancé after all. Season 6 of the series is expected to begin filming in the first half of 2024, per Deadline, and we have some thoughts on how it'll pan out for Charmaine, Preacher, Brady and, of course, our favorite couple, the undefeated Lizzie and Denny. Below, our take on the "Virgin River" Season 5 finale:

Mel's Birth Father Is Revealed

John Allen Nelson as Everett Reid in episode 512 of Virgin River


Mel's mother had an affair with Virgin River native Everett Reid (John Allen Nelson, "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"), falling pregnant with Mel but staying with her husband to keep the family together. It's unclear whether Mel's deceased father (the one who raised her), knew that Mel wasn't his.

After initially turning her away, Everett arrives at Mel's cabin and says he hasn't been the same since her mother died. Seeing Mel broke his heart all over again, but he's ready to get to know her. He says he's "got something important" to tell Mel, and we're left on a cliffhanger.

Season 6 Prediction: Our bets are on a half sibling, a bill of ill health and/or a vast fortune Mel stands to inherit... Jack and Mel are still renovating the farmhouse, so a nice cash prize could be well-timed.

Charmaine (Finally) Gives Birth and Calvin Is a Free Man

Tim Matheson as Doc Mullins, Lauren Hammersley as Charmaine in episode 502 of Virgin River


At long last, Charmaine's (Lauren Hammersley) twin boys arrive and everyone's happy and healthy — sorta. (The show even poked fun at Charmaine's seasons-long pregnancy: "I feel like I've been pregnant for years!") Calvin (David Cubitt, "Medium"), the boys' real father, somehow cornered Charmaine in the parking lot (has he just been following her around?) and quite wisely offered to drive her to the clinic as she went into labor.

Mel is stunned to see Calvin, but Charmaine asks her not to tell Jack that, you know, she cheated on him with his archenemy and then pretended that the babies were Jack's.

Season 6 Prediction: Calvin is now in Witness Protection for turning state's evidence against Melissa. He's a free man, and he wants to be a father to the boys. We'll definitely see more of him in future episodes.

Lizzie and Denny Are Having a Girl

Sarah Dugdale as Lizzie, Kai Bradbury as Denny in episode 512 of Virgin River


Yet again, Lizzie (Sarah Dugdale) and Denny (Kai Bradbury) serve main character energy. Hands down the best couple on "Virgin River." After much ado, Lizzie's mom is grinning ear-to-ear with her 'Best Glamma Ever' T-shirt on Christmas Day. But it's not all roses: Denny's Huntington's disease—which guarantees his untimely death—is genetic. There's a chance their baby girl could inherit the illness, but Lizzie and Denny decide not to test the baby in utero.

On a happier note, it seems everyone's banking on the fact that Denny could live another 20-ish years. "If we have this baby now, Denny could see his child grow up into an adult," Lizzie says. They plan to get married, but not just yet. 

Preacher Could Be Investigated for Wes' Murder

Colin Lawrence as Preacher, Kandyse McClure as Kaia in episode 512 of Virgin River


Things were going so well for Preacher (Colin Lawrence). His new girlfriend Kaia (Kandyse McClure) is staying in Virgin River now that she's the Fire Chief, and it looked like all that Wes nonsense was behind him. Now that the police have identified Wes' body, things will most definitely "blow up."

Season 6 Prediction: Paige is pretty much out of the show for good, so it's really up to Preacher, his private investigator, Kaia (Preacher will likely tell her the truth) and Connie (remember her?!) to dodge the authorities. Wes took a fatal tumble down Paige's stairs and Preacher buried the body and hid the man's car, so there's no telling what DNA evidence there is to implicate him.

Brady's Girlfriend Lark Is Up to No Good

Benjamin Hollingsworth as Brady in episode 511 of Virgin River


Brie (Zibby Allen) has moved on with Mike (Hallmark star Marco Grazzini), and Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth) with single mom Lark (Elise Gatien). But the pair definitely still have feelings for each other. I mean, they almost kissed just because they were under a mistletoe. Zero self-control from these two.

In the biggest finale cliffhanger, Lark has a conspiratorial phone call with her daughter's dad, who's in prison. She tells him that Brady "doesn't suspect a thing."

Season 6 Prediction: What is Lark up to? We know that she was working in the pot camps, which are pretty much Ground Zero for Virgin River's criminal element. Odds are they're making a play for the insurance money Brady's about to receive after the lumber yard was destroyed in the wildfires.

All episodes of "Virgin River" Season 5 are now streaming on Netflix.

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