Sadie Laflamme-Snow attends Hallmark Channel’s premiere event at The Whitby Hotel in New York City celebrating Season 2 of its original primetime series “The Way Home,” starring Andie MacDowell, Chyler Leigh, Evan Williams and Sadie Laflamme-Snow premiering on January 21 at 9/8c on Hallmark Channel.
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Who Plays Alice on Hallmark Series ‘The Way Home’? Meet Rising Star Sadie Laflamme-Snow

Alice is the onscreen granddaughter of Andie MacDowell.

Sadie Laflamme-Snow may be young, but she's already a budding star in the acting world. Laflamme-Snow graduated from the National Theatre School of Canada and began her acting career shortly thereafter. She appeared in one episode of the series "Game On" and went on to appear in the short film "Wild." In 2021, she appeared in the Canadian film "The Apprentice" in the role of Esmeralda. She also appeared in the thriller TV movie, "Sinister Switch." But she's easily most recognizable as a rising star on the Hallmark Channel.

 2023 was a huge breakout year for the young star, where she snagged a role on AMC's thriller series "Slasher." She appeared in 8 episodes where she played Verdi Botticelli, the younger of the sisters, who travel to the town following the first murder. In 2023, she also starred in 9 episodes of the Netflix animated series "Unicorn Academy." She voices the character Ava Banji, who is known for her kindness and compassion towards other humans, animals, and anything she comes in contact with.

But her biggest role yet is one of the main characters on the Hallmark series, "The Way Home." "The Way Home" Season 2 will premiere on Sunday, Jan. 21, when fans will get a chance to see Sadie Laflamme-Snow return as Alice. Here's everything we know about the actress and her role on Hallmark's popular new series.

Alice on 'The Way Home'

Sadie LaFlamme-Snow and Chyler Leigh

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Sadie Laflamme-Snow stars in "The Way Home," playing 15-year-old Alice Hastings. Alice lives with her newly single mom Kat, who upends their life to move to Kat's childhood home in Port Haven, New Brunswick. Kat has been estranged from her own mother, Del, for over 20 years, meaning Alice and Kat have never met or had the opportunity to build a relationship. While Alice is trying to figure out and adjust to her new life, she is able to time travel back to 1999 and potentially shift the entire future of her family.

Laflamme-Snow's character has to travel back and forth between two time periods, spanning over 20 years, which created a unique challenge for the actress. When asked about how it was for her to balance the role in two different times, she said, " In terms of being an actor, in terms of just keeping both timelines straight in your mind when you're shooting multiple episodes at the same time, trying to remember what do I know, what am I allowed to tell people, and what it means when you have knowledge about your family that could help them in the present day and help them work through what they're going through in the present day, but you can't possibly explain how you know these things."

Her character is able to see herself in the present as a miserable and angsty teen, but also in the past as part of a warm and loving family. Her character has to delicately balance remembering what time she is in and struggles with protecting her 1999 world and trying to cope with her 2023 world. 

She Has Some Impressive Co-Stars

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JANUARY 09: (L-R) Sadie Laflamme-Snow and Andie MacDowell attend Hallmark Channel's premiere event at The Whitby Hotel in New York City celebrating Season 2 of its original primetime series

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Sadie Laflamme-Snow is the youngest of the trio of women who are working to repair their relationship after a prior tragedy. She has some impressive co-stars, with Andie MacDowell playing the matriarch, Del Landry, and Chyler Leigh playing her mother, Kat Landry. In an interview with Yahoo News, Laflamme-Snow was asked about working with such a powerhouse group of women. She said, "It has been fabulous. To be honest — it was intimidating to think that I was stepping on set with two iconic actors like Andie and Chyler, but I had no reason to worry. They have been amazing friends and mentors to me throughout the process, and the Landry family dynamic is strong between the three of us."

Even though Laflamme-Snow doesn't share the exact same life experience with her characters, she does have experience growing up with strong female role models. She is extremely close to her mother and grandmother, and she has no issues being "the most honest version of myself around them." Laflamme-Snow has fond memories of seeing "Billy Elliot the Musical" when she was 12, which inspired her love and desire to act. After the show, she begged her mom to let her start auditioning for acting roles.

Laurie Ferneau, Senior Vice President, Development, Hallmark Media, said of Laflamme, "In her we've found the perfect complement to Andie MacDowell and Chyler Leigh, and we can't wait to see these three talented actresses help us bring the series to life."

Why She Loves 'The Way Home'

Evan Williams, Marnie McPhail, Chyler Leigh, Samora Smallwood, Sadie LaFlamme-Snow

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As far as what's so special about the show, Laflamme-Snow thinks there is something in the show for everyone. Even though it focuses on three women, viewers will get a glimpse into three totally different viewpoints of the story. The show will have viewers experiencing a range of emotions, including laughing, crying, and overcoming real obstacles in the struggle to fix past trauma. She says everyone can find something in the show that gets them "hooked."

As far as what is next for Sadie Laflamme-Snow, the actress has no plans to slow down. "The Way Home" is just one of several projects that have been in the works, though it will be the first to be released. Fans can follow her on Instagram for behind-the-scenes sneak peeks of her time on the set of "The Way Home." 

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