In Case You Missed Them, Here Are The 10 Biggest Super Bowl Commercials of 2024

The ads at Super Bowl LVIII may have been the most star-studded yet.

For a lot of people, the ads are the reason they tune in for the Super Bowl. They're not particularly interested in what Taylor's boyfriend is up to on the gridiron. They want to see those big-budget, celebrity-filled commercials that have been hyped up for the past two weeks in teasers. For them, the football game is just what happens between the commercials.

The day after the Big Game, watercoolers across the nation will be buzzing with debate over which commercial was the best. Which ones made us laugh the hardest? Which ones made us shed a tear? And which ones bombed entirely? The answers, of course, are entirely subjective. But it's fun to hash it out regardless.

This year saw companies going all out. And it may have been one of the most star-studded commercial lineups we've seen yet. But for me, it seemed companies were almost too preoccupied with the celebrity cameos. Genuine belly laughs and emotional moments seemed fewer and further between than usual. It was more of a competition to see who could cram the most celebrities into a 30-second to minute-long window as possible.

As we close the books on another football season, let's break down the biggest ads of Super Bowl LVIII.

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