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All Stores Open on Christmas Day in 2023

You have options!

Let's face it. Christmas Day doesn't always go down exactly the way you think it will. That means you've always got to be ready for the question: Which stores are open on Christmas Day in 2023? Some of the biggest retailers across the country will be closed to take some time off for the holiday, but there are still plenty that will remain open, just in case you need something important. That includes restaurants like McDonalds, which will at least be open on Christmas Eve (and some on Christmas Day) to help you curb those fry cravings. There's also Walgreens, which will be open on Christmas Day in case you need some bandages or bread (they sell a variety of things!) when the holiday hits.

But Christmas Day is different than Thanksgiving Day in terms of holiday closings. It's the one day a year that most retailers and restaurants close their doors to the public. While there will be some outliers, like grocery stores that remain open to make sure you have your holiday meal taken care of, pickings will undoubtedly be slim.

While there are at least a few different grocery stores, restaurants, and regular stores that are keeping their doors open, for the most part you should consider shopping a bit of a non-starter on the holiday. There just aren't very many establishments that you can visit on one of the biggest holidays of the year, because Christmas Day is a day meant for everyone to spend time with their friends, family, and loved ones. Not devouring pancakes at 24-hour restaurants like IHOP, though they will be open. To each their own! Sometimes that's how folks do celebrate the holiday!

So, you still have options. The only catch is the fact that, though there are places to shop on Christmas, you'll probably only be able to venture out to places like CVS — pharmacies or 24-hour gas stops and the like. You could end up lucky, though, and find exactly what you need. Why chance it though? Plan ahead and save some time by checking our list below. We've done the heavy lifting and compiled all of the stores that are open so you can consult the list before you head out in the cold. But of course, before you go anywhere, it's always a good idea to call ahead just in case.

Stores and Restaurants Open on Christmas Day 2023

Dollar Tree

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  • Acme: Hours vary by location.
  • Albertson's: Most stores will be open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Buc-ee's: Open 24 hours.
  • Circle K: Open 24 hours.
  • CVS: Open 24 hours.
  • Dollar Tree: Hours vary by location, so you'll want to call ahead for your local store.
  • Dunkin' Donuts: Hours vary, but most stores will be open.
  • Edible Arrangements: Most stores will be open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call ahead for hours.
  • iHOP: Open 24 hours.
  • Love's Travel Stops: Open 24 hours.
  • McDonald's: Hours vary by location, call ahead for your local store.
  • Rite Aid: Hours vary, but most stores will be open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., while 24-hour locations will remain open.
  • Safeway: Certain stores will be open, call ahead for hours.
  • Speedway: Open 24 hours.
  • Starbucks: Some locations will operate on a limited schedule, call ahead for hours.
  • Thornton's: Open 24 hours.
  • Walgreens: Most will remain 24 hours, but some locations will operate on a limited schedule.
  • 7-Eleven: Open 24 hours.

Stores Closed on Christmas Day 2023

  • ALDI
  • Burlington
  • Costco
  • Dollar General
  • Family Dollar/Dollar Tree
  • Kroger
  • Macy's
  • Michaels
  • Publix
  • Sam's Club
  • ShopRite
  • Stop & Shop
  • Trader Joe's
  • Target
  • The Home Depot
  • Walmart
  • Wegman's
  • Whole Foods
  • Winn-Dixie

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