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Gethen Jenkins on Being Featured on 'Yellowstone': 'To Be a Small Part of That Amazing Piece of Art...It's an Honor'

Songs From the Bunkhouse is an ongoing series featuring conversations with country artists whose music has been played on the hit series Yellowstone. 

There may be no better platform to discover new country music these days than Yellowstone. Country artists such as Zach Bryan, Shane Smith & the Saints and soundtrack staple turned co-star Lainey Wilson have all seen a boost from being featured on the series. Add Gethen Jenkins to that club. The outlaw country singer-songwriter and Marine Corps veteran has been featured on the series' soundtrack in multiple seasons.

Jenkins says having his songs, including "Bottle in My Hand" and "Restless Ways," played on Yellowstone is a huge honor, not only because of the show's massive success, but also because he's featured among fellow roots artists for whom he has great respect.

"As soon as I started watching the show, I knew something was different," Jenkins tells Wide Open Country. "I knew it was amazing. But I also noticed that the songs they were using in the series were unlike any other. They weren't using top 40 hits. They weren't using stuff you hear on the radio. They were using roots artists that were relevant...people from the underground movement like myself and it was very inspiring. So the fact that I got the opportunity to be on that show — a small part of that amazing piece of art — I don't really have the words for what it means to me. It's an honor. It helped my career. Any time you can associate yourself with something that's that spectacular it's just unbelievable."

Jenkins released his most recent album Western Gold, the follow-up to his 2017 EP Where the Honkytonk Belongs, in 2019.

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