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Songs From the Bunkhouse: Lainey Wilson on Being Featured on 'Yellowstone,' the 'Coolest Cowboy Show of All Time'

Songs From the Bunkhouse is an ongoing series featuring conversations with country artists whose music has been played on the hit series Yellowstone. 

Since its premiere in 2018, the hit Paramount Network series Yellowstone has positioned itself as the best showcase for country artists on television. From Nashville hitmakers such as Chris Stapleton and Kacey Musgraves to Texas country mainstays like Whiskey Myers and Shane Smith & the Saints, Yellowstone music supervisor Andrea von Foerster has crafted a soundtrack that both serves the series' dedication to authenticity and provides an invaluable platform for rising and independent artists.

Country artist Lainey Wilson has had three songs featured on the show (so far): "Small Town, Girl," "Straight Up Sideways" and "Workin' Overtime." For the "Things A Man Oughta Know" singer, being part of television's best country music soundtrack is not only a huge opportunity, but also a reflection of her own life.

As part of our ongoing series "Songs From the Bunkhouse," Wide Open Country caught up with Wilson, who shares a bit about her own rodeo past and explains how being featured on television's best country soundtrack has impacted her career.

What does it mean for your to have your songs featured on Yellowstone?

I am honored to have my songs featured in Yellowstone. I grew up on the back of a horse and my sister and I were PRCA rodeo flag girls, so it feels extra special to be included in the coolest/most popular cowboy show of all time. As a songwriter, you dream about driving down the road and hearing your song on the radio, but hearing it on one of your favorite tv shows? That is another level.

What has been the response from Yellowstone fans since your music has been featured on the series?

I've had three songs in the show so far and the response just keeps getting bigger and better, each time more people message me saying they've discovered me through the show. As an artist, it means a lot that so much thought goes into the soundtrack—and that fans are just as interested and invested in the music as the storyline. I definitely gained some cool points with my fans when they are sitting on their couch, all dialed in to their favorite show and suddenly they hear one of my songs through the TV speakers.

 Can you tell us a little about how your music came to be featured on the show?

Back in 2018, Andrea von Foerster, the show's music supervisor, reached out to my team looking for music for the second season—Andrea must have liked what she heard because she introduced my music to Taylor Sheridan, the writer and producer of Yellowstone, and then sure enough, my song "Workin' Overtime" was chosen for the season two premiere (in the scene when the bull was busting into the bar... pretty dang cool). Since then, I have cultivated a friendship with both Andrea and Taylor. We all have a whole lot of respect for each other and admire how serious we all take our jobs.

 Who's your favorite Yellowstone character?

My favorite Yellowstone character would have to be Beth. She takes the bull by the horns, she takes no crap and fights for what she believes. She takes pride in what her family has worked so hard for and believes in justice. And she makes all of it look sexy. My kind of girl.