Bring the Snowman Inside With This Adorable $44 Snowman Christmas Tree

Where are my Frosty the Snowman and Jack Frost fans? We found the perfect Christmas tree for y'all! This snowman Christmas tree is so adorable! If you live in an area where snow isn't common in the winter, you'll love the snowy and fuzzy feeling this tree brings to your home.

I'll be spending the holidays in many places this year, but one place I know I probably won't see snow in is Texas. So to bring to winter wonderland feels to Mom's house, I'll be sure to consider this Xmas tree.

The Lakeside Collection Small Prelit Snowman Christmas Tree in White, $43.73

I've had a white Christmas tree in the past, and I can't believe I never thought about decorating it as a snowman! This tree is a game-changer. Forget DIY-ing, this tree is under $44!


The white snowman tree has warm white lights, a black top hat, a carrot-like nose, coal-like buttons, and a red and green plaid scarf.

Where to Place It

The LED lights are powered by a 34-inch cord. Be sure to place it near an outlet this holiday season!

It'll look perfect in the living room, work office, or kitchen tabletop. This is also a great gift idea for teachers. I know a bunch of teachers who love to bring holiday decor to their classrooms! The artificial Christmas tree will be a great addition to your favorite teacher's holiday decor for her students' holiday party.

It only weighs two pounds, making it easy to set up and store away before winter break. Ask your teacher friend or family if they need any Christmas decorations for their classroom, and I'm sure you'll make their day!

Shop Walmart for more snowman decor like snowman ornaments, Christmas tree toppers, tree skirts, and figurines. Their holiday home decor inventory is endless!

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This post was originally published on October 7, 2021.