$55 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Tabletop Tree Makes Us Scream "This Is Halloween!"

"This is Halloween, This is Halloween!" Sorry, if that wasn't stuck in your head already, you're not a true The Nightmare Before Christmas fan. However, if you're here, you probably are, and I have the perfect holiday season decor for you! This tabletop Nightmare Before Christmas tree is the perfect addition to your tabletop tree collection or Nightmare Before Christmas decorations.

The $55 black Christmas tree is tiny but packs a spooky punch. It only sits 15 inches tall, but the light-up Nightmare Before Christmas tree will light up your home office, bedroom, or kitchen. You'll be eager to place this tiny tree where everyone can see it!

Nightmare Before Christmas 15-Inch Light Up Decorated Christmas Tree

  • Trending tree on Amazon
  • Black branches
  • $55

The Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments are impeccable! The Pumpkin King (Jack Skellington), Sally, and Oogie Boogie character ornaments look exactly like the famous (and infamous) Disney characters.

Oh, and look at the precious tree topper! It's Zero. (Um, are you thinking what I'm thinking?) Yep, Zero Halloween costumes for dogs are available on Amazon. Dress your sweet pup as the adorable pet of Jack Skellington this Halloween or as the King of Halloween Town!

Check out the reviews. Everyone's pups all look so precious in their costumes!

Tim Burton's classic holiday movie has inspired so many crafts for Halloween. You can find Jack Skellington wreaths, tree skirts, and endless 'Sandy Claws' Halloween decorations online.

Interested in making a DIY Nightmare Before Christmas tree? Shop Amazon for black holiday trees, Nightmare Before Christmas figurines, and purple lights. Soon, your home decor will make your home have the same vibes of Halloween Town.

Don't forget to buy or rent the classic Disney holiday movie this month. It's available on Amazon Prime Video for $9.99 with special bonus features.

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