Black Christmas Trees Are Glamorous Holiday Centerpieces

If you bought a black Christmas tree to use as a 'Halloween tree,' don't pack it up just quite yet. Black Christmas trees are the latest Christmas tree trend, and we're obsessed with them. I know we all love our green Christmas trees, but I highly recommend switching your tree color up this holiday season.

I'll forever cherish my pink Christmas tree from fourth grade! Our living room felt like a real Barbie Dreamhouse during Christmas that year. Maybe 'Barbie' isn't your favorite theme, but after checking out how a few families decorated their black trees, you might consider a black tree.

Black Artificial Christmas Trees

1. 4 ft. Black Tinsel Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear Lights

This Black tinsel tree by the National Tree Company is only $25. It comes with clear lights, making the tree look shiny and beautiful.

Check out Michaels for tree decorations.

2. Best Choice Products 6ft Artificial Full Christmas Tree

Pencil Christmas trees are cute, but we all love a big, fluffy tree! It's unlit, non-flammable and made from non-allergenic PVC material, making it safe for your home.

It even comes with a foldable Christmas tree stand. Be sure to grab some shiny tree ornaments!

3. NOMA 3-Foot Pre-lit Christmas Tree

Here's the perfect little Christmas tree for tabletops and small spaces. This pre-lit artificial Christmas tree is going to be the perfect centerpiece for home offices and dining rooms. It comes with a metal stand.

You're going to love your new tree. Once you place holiday gifts under it, your flashy Christmas decorations and tree are going to come together and look amazing.

For more holiday decor, visit Hobby Lobby. They have fantastic tree toppers, Christmas lights, home decor, budget-friendly DIY crafts, and more.

This post was originally published on October 16, 2020.

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