Sea Glass Christmas Trees Add a Touch of Summer to Your Winter Holiday Decor

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Plant lovers fall in love with succulent and sunflower Christmas trees every holiday season. However, the sea glass Christmas tree will catch the eyes of beach lovers across the world. These gorgeous mini Christmas trees will look perfect in homes where coastal decor and nautical decor are cherished. Move over ceramic trees, these tiny trees are shinier!

If you live near a beach, you can gather genuine sea glass and seashells for a fascinating DIY sea glass Christmas tree. Don't worry if you're nowhere near the beach. Amazon has everything you need for your sea glass crafts and Christmas decorations.

DIY Sea Glass Christmas Tree Supplies

You can visit Etsy to purchase your sea glass trees, Pinterest for DIY ideas, and YouTube for tutorials. No matter which design you go with, we've got you covered for everything you need to complete your green sea glass Xmas trees.

1. Nautical Crush Trading Sea Glass

Amazon has sea glass pieces that are Amazon Prime eligible.

2. Fangoo Sea Shells Mixed Beach Seashells

This mixed seashell kit comes with a variety of shells and starfish. Be sure to glue a few starfish on your sea glass art.

3. Darice Paper Mache Open Bottom Cone (3-Pack)

Make sure your cone is sturdy. You don't want your aqua beach glass to be too heavy for the cone.

Tip: Make a few trees to give as unique gifts to Mom and Dad.

A thick, sturdy toothpick is important if you want a topper for your tree. Starfish tend to be popular picks, but who says you can't put a mermaid or a dolphin on top?

I love these trendy mini trees. Whether you go with a ceramic tree, succulent tree, or sea glass tree, they're perfect for your home office or work desk. You can put small Christmas gifts under it and bring holiday decor (and the holiday spirit) to work!

Ceramic trees and other figurines are now considered collectibles across eBay. You never know, your little sea glass tree could cost a lot of money one day. (Most likely if it's made from genuine sea glass.)

5. Sea Glass Hanging Fish Ornaments - Set of 3

Don't forget about your actual Christmas trees. This sea glass ornament would look perfect on your big tree!

For more wall art, beach decor, Christmas crafts, and Christmas tree ornaments, visit Amazon.

This post was originally published on October 8, 2020.