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Ceramic Christmas Trees are Making a Holiday Decor Comeback



The ceramic Christmas tree is making a comeback, which means it's time to raid Grandma's attic for porcelain collectibles. These Christmas decorations started gaining momentum in the 1940s and began as handcrafted designs. They dominated the legendary Christmas decor scene of the '60s and '70s with their multi-color lights. Some of the ceramic decorations even played Christmas music. You will typically find 10-15 inch trees, which make them perfect for tabletop placement.

Retro always comes back and those tabletop trees in storage could be worth way more than you think. Ceramic trees are going for anywhere from $40 to over $100 on home decor sites. I'm currently plotting to fly up to St. Louis to rummage through my boyfriend's mom's basement because I know she's hoarding a ton of these vintage ceramic Christmas trees. The woman doesn't throw anything away and I intend on capitalizing on it.

Why would I want to dish out hundreds of dollars on a new little ceramic forest? Odds are you, or a family member has some of these vintage trees, so save yourself some money this holiday season and give yourself the gift of a vintage Christmas tree. It will be such a treat having them light up throughout your home during the holidays. Just make sure to grab some replacement bulbs to have on hand for your ceramic Christmas tree lights.


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I love how each of these trees has a different style but comes together to complete a cohesive look, especially with the little woodland creatures. Animals are optional, but hey, if you find some why not throw them in there to compliment the vintage style?

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I think the white ceramic Christmas tree might be my favorite. The cheerful glow and the twinkle from the plastic multicolored lights look extra magical on the white tree. And it would match any home decor style -- especially mid-century modern.


You can't go wrong with a traditional green ceramic Christmas tree. It's classic and is guaranteed to add a little something extra to your holiday decoration for years to come. You could find a similar tree with the same colorful lights on eBay for $80. Crazy.

After grabbing all the high-quality lighted ceramic Christmas trees from your relatives, experiment with new creative hobbies and make your own. There are kits that you can find on Amazon where you can change out the tree lights on your fake pine tree based on whatever style you're feeling that Christmas season.

Ceramic Christmas Tree with Multicolored Lights

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This article was originally published in 2018. 


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