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Succulent Christmas Trees Are Trendy and Easy to Make

Traditional Christmas trees are still common these days, but it's fairly common to come across creative trees that aren't exactly green and covered in ornaments! And no, we're not talking about pink Christmas trees. We've seen sunflower trees and antler trees, but now we can't stop talking about succulent Christmas trees.

Succulent Christmas trees will make perfect tabletop trees for the holiday season. I don't know about you, but succulent planters are typically part of my usual home decor anyway. Place an adorable, tiny succulent tree on your dining table, coffee table, or windowsill.

How to Make a Succulent Tree

Succulent Tree Decorating Ideas

You can find succulent Christmas trees on Etsy, or you can tap inter your inner craftsman and create the perfect holiday decor piece. Amazon, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels have everything you need to create a beautiful centerpiece.

DIY Succulent Tree

1. Christmas Tree Cone Sphagnum Moss Topiary Form - Small

It's important to pick out the sturdy base for your Christmas tree. Many people recommend this small cone frame.

I can't wait to put small Christmas gifts under my Xmas tree!

2. Supla 15 Pack Assorted Artificial Succulents Plants Fake Succulents Plants Unpotted Fake Cactus Textured Aloe for Floral Arrangement Wedding Party Accents

No green thumb, no problem. There's no need to cut up your haworthias or sedum plants. This fake succulent arrangement comes with a lot of greenery! Grab this pack for your tree. (This will be much easier than using real succulent cuttings.)

This adorable succulent planter is ideal if you want to have a Christmasy succulent display. This will help to make your holiday decorations as creative and colorful as you like!

DIY Succulent Wreath

4. 16" Wreath Ring By Ashland™

Of course, succulent Christmas wreaths are also trendy! These low-maintenance houseplants look perfect on just about any Christmas decor you can think of.

You can always find a succulent wreath and add your own Christmas decor and glue it on.

6. High Temperature Mini Glue Gun by ArtMinds™

A glue stick is a must.

Be sure to also check out Home Depot for DIY Christmas art supplies, Christmas decorations, and more. Black Friday is gone, but Cyber Monday is here.

This post was originally published on September 23, 2020.

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