Ceramic Trees Aren't Just For Christmas Anymore

We've already established that the ceramic Christmas tree trend is totally worth raiding your grandma's attic. But did you know that the ceramic tree trend extends to Halloween decorations? 

That's right, tabletop ceramic Halloween trees are a thing and now is the perfect time to start preparing for our favorite spooky holiday. The traditional green and red led lights are replaced with orange lights and I fully support the jack o' lantern tree topper. The only problem is, these Halloween ceramic trees are nearly impossible to find. If you see one around town, you might as well snatch it up because they are seriously hot commodities. 

People went so nuts for the Haunted Halloween tree from Michaels that it's already sold out! It's a shame because I love the purple light bulbs on the black tree. People are capitalizing on the demand so you can find these haunted trees on eBay if you've already hit every Michaels in town with no success. 

Black Ceramic Halloween Tree from Etsy

ceramic Halloween Tree

Your Halloween party needs the best decor, so if you didn't have luck at Michaels or eBay (and don't want to try to DIY your own tree), consider this option from Etsy. How cute would this look set up with some haunted houses and Halloween pumpkins by your front door for all the trick or treaters to see?

Find this tree here

Halloween Witch Hat Ceramic Tree

How cute is this option from Ceramic Barn? The witch hat tree topper is adorable and so are the purple bats.

Find this tree here.

One thing is clear; the black ceramic trees for Halloween are definitely going to be collectibles after all of the buzz they've been generating. Move over vintage ceramic Christmas trees -- a new tree is in town. Maybe in the future your grandkids will wait to raid your attic to decorate for Halloween? Either way, hopefully we get some new Halloween models so that these trees are more accessible. Maybe with a black cat?

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Ceramic Trees Aren't Just For Christmas Anymore