Your Christmas Tree Won't Be Complete Without These Liquor Ornaments

It's the time of year when advent calendars and kitschy Christmas decor starts flying off the shelves. Don't feel bad about putting your tree up early (it's actually good for you) and pulling out all your Christmas baubles. Among those keepsakes, though, we've got a new idea for you. It's for a way to combine your favorite Christmas tree ornaments and your favorite happy hour cocktail. These liquor ornaments are the perfect holiday party gift idea for your favorite (adult) person. Or make them as a gift for yourself, because this year we could all use a little extra pick-me-up as we deck the halls for the holidays.

There are plenty of liquor-themed holiday ornaments, usually glass ornaments in the shape of wine bottles or cocktail glasses. But when we say liquor ornaments, we literally mean filled-with-alcohol ornaments. Think of it as a flask you hang on your Christmas tree!

Start with these bulbs. They look like your typical clear glass ball ornaments, but they're a hard clear plastic, which makes them easier to work with. They have a screw on top with a ring for hanging on your tree or other holiday decoration.

You can turn these plain liquor ornaments into cool DIY Christmas gifts with some craft paint and your choice of decoration. First, wash the ornaments in warm, but not hot, soapy water. Rinse well (because nothing spoils the holiday season like soap bubbles in your festive drink) and let the ornaments dry.

Next, use craft paint or paint pens to write names or a holiday message on the ornament (something like "holiday cheers" or "filled with holiday spirit" fits the theme).

Then, fill the ornaments with an adult beverage. An airplane-sized glass bottle is the perfect size for these ornaments, and then you can mix and match. Make your favorite gin into a gin bauble, or go with vodka, whiskey, tequila or rum. You can even mix cocktails from your home bar and pour them into the liquor ornaments, but leave out any fruit juices or anything that needs to be chilled.

Screw the top on and tie a festive ribbon around the top or thread it through the ring. If you're giving these liquor ornaments as a holiday gift, pack them carefully in a pretty box or basket. You could even add garnishes like a tin of colored sugar or peppermint sticks to your gift.

As always, decorate and drink responsibly!

This article was originally published on November 7, 2019.

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