Aldi's Wine Advent Calendar Makes Every Day Merry and Bright

Big, old Christmas lights buzz when they're about to kick the bucket. You could also say that the holiday season has a general buzz about it, too. Those things make sense. What you may not expect, though, is to be buzzed for the entire month of December. That's right, folks; you too can drink wine, daily, this December. How, you ask? The Aldi wine advent calendar, of course!

You know what an advent calendar is. Aldi has taken that concept and flipped it on its snow-covered head. Instead of twenty four chocolates, Aldi is providing you with 24 bottles of wine.

It's legitimately good wine, too. There are reds, whites, rosé and sparkling wines. Each one is from France, save the Italian and Spanish bubblies.

In total, you'll drink about six bottles of wine from December 1 through December 24. The grand total for this comes out to about $67.53. Wondering why we said "about" there? Here's the bad news.

The United Kingdom branch of Aldi will distribute the wine advent calendar. For all of our British readers, huzzah! Your Christmas will be merry and bright, and potentially a little blurry. Americans, though, may need to outsource (or get creative) to experience this Christmas magic.

Not everyone is stoked like a Christmas eve fire about this, though. Drinking six bottles of wine in 24 days seems a bit heavy. We probably do it now, but when you look at this on a macro level it seems excessive. Plus, some feel that drinking every day should never be encouraged. We call those people Scrooges.

We're excited about it, though. You'll see us rocking around the Christmas tree if we somehow get our hands on it.

The Aldi wine advent calendar is real and whether you think it's cool or not, you must admit that it'd be better to receive than a lump of coal.

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