$20 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Wreath Makes Doors Charming for Halloween (and Christmas)

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You're lying if you don't shout, "This is Halloween! This is Halloween!" at least 100 times during the duration of October through December. Yep, Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas is on repeat for three months in this house. It's the perfect holiday movie for both Halloween and Christmas!

If you share the same love for The Nightmare Before Christmas, you're going to love these wreaths. Turn your home into Halloweentown just in time for your favorite holiday. They make great spooky Halloween and Christmas decor!

The Pumpkin King would approve of these front door wreaths available from Amazon.

Best Wreaths for Jack Skellington Fans

1. Walgreens Nightmare Before Christmas Ribbon Wreath with Lights and Sound

This black and white Halloween wreath has lights and sound! Oh my goodness, this is my favorite wreath. Jack Skellington himself would love it.

It's perfect for a Halloween party and is even a great door decoration for a Christmas gathering.

The dimensions are 16 x 16 x 6 inches.

2. Disney The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Wreath

This trending Xmas wreath is a lovely wreath idea for those who don't want a mesh wreath. It's made of sturdy MDF board.

The Disney Nightmare Before Christmas wreath has wonderful reviews! A customer gave it five stars and wrote, "We absolutely love this, it's February and we've had it up since Halloween, the door would look naked without it. Its lasted through the rainy days and some mediocre weather, which I would say is good for the price."

Halloween? Christmas? Just leave it up as year-round home decor!

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas Wreath with Sally Jack Skellington Plush Front Door Home Mesh Wreath Hanging Pendants Ornaments Farmhouse Decor

This wreath is also under $25, making it budget-friendly! It is made from cloth. I would use this indoors or make sure not to leave it outside during rainy and windy weather.

Since this wreath features Sally, I can't help but adore it!

Have your own DIY Nightmare Before Christmas wreath idea? Check out Amazon for wreath rings, figurines, mesh, Halloween pumpkins, hot glue, and more supplies.