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$50 Heated Shawl Will Keep You From Running the Heater All Day

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I once heard a comedian say, girls are always two things: cold and hungry. He's got that right (at least about my friends and me). We recommend so many products to combat that painful cold feeling, heated socks, hand warmers, and even heated blankets. However, if your electric blanket is too bulky, consider a heated shawl.

A heated shawl fits snugly over your shoulders, meaning you don't have to worry about fixing your heated blanket when you sit down or stand up from your office chair. This shawl is truly a Godsend. Here's our best find on Amazon under $50.

Best Heated Shawl for the Office

Cozy Sherpa Heated Shawl Wrap Heat Blanket | Electric Heating Throw with Controller | Washable, Auto Shutoff, Reversible

  • 5-year warranty
  • 2-hour auto-off function
  • 2 sides: Mink fur and silky sherpa
  • 3 heat levels/temperature settings

Where to Use It

Use this super-soft heated wrap from the living room, home office, or bedroom. It's a game-changer for those staying busy! If you're sitting up working from home, you'll love it. I work with my heated throw blanket on sometimes, and I hate how it just falls off me since it's bulky.

With this wearable electric throw, you'll stay comfy and won't be annoyed with having to maneuver the soft sherpa to stay on.

You might be wondering if you've seen these before. Yep, there are wearable fleece blankets that look like hoodies and ponchos! Click here for our picks. They're fantastic, but they're not heated. If you long for the heating pad feeling, you'll prefer to snuggle with this ultra-soft shawl instead of a regular wearable blanket or lap blanket.

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Heat Settings & Care

There are three heat settings (low, medium, and high). The heat controller will automatically shut off after two hours to prevent overheating.

The blanket is not cordless. It is machine-washable, though, so be sure to unplug the heat controller before washing and drying.

Everyone That Will Love It

Parents and anyone you know who works in a cold office! Also, anyone who isn't a fan of having their heater on all day.