Twix Lovers Get Excited, Expect Salted Caramel Twix Bars This Spring

The devil works hard, but Twix works harder. Salted Twix is making its debut sometime early in 2020. While we don't know the exact date they're dropping, we do know that the Salted Caramel flavor will be a limited-edition Twix bar.

I haven't even recovered from the news that Twix Cookies and Creme ice cream bars have been spotted. Now, I'm sitting here drooling over the thought of a candy bar coated with sea salt. It's only January, and Mars Chocolate is undefeated in 2020.

Twix has been one of my favorite candy bars since I was a child. I'll forever pick up a caramel cookie bar in the grocery store check out aisle. Speaking of the store, I took a trip to my local H-E-B and couldn't find any Twix ice cream bars, so, I decided to go to Twix's website.

I couldn't find a location for this product, but I did find something magical.

I need a Twix cake immediately. Surely you do too after taking a look at this cake. I can only imagine that Laurie Jean's homemade caramel sauce is the best! Just look at it. The melted chocolate and golden brown caramel drizzle look gooey and perfect!

For those interested in trying a Twix cake at home, check out this caramel Twix cake recipe from Handle the Heat.

Get your parchment paper, baking pan, chocolate chips, vanilla extract, brown sugar, and unsalted butter ready. You can make your Twix cake to your liking, y'all! Go with milk chocolate or dark chocolate cake batter.

Prep time looks pretty simple, so go for it. Forget making chocolate chip cookies and brownies for the office. Share your favorite chewy chocolate bar through cake form with your coworkers at the next potluck.

TWIX Caramel Chocolate Cookie Candy Bar Singles

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